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    Vanilla hunter quest

    Hey guys I need your help to remember something. What's the name of that level 50ish quest hunters had in Vanilla before it was removed in Cata revamp?
    Rewards were those two trinkets, one of which made pet crit on next attack. And no I don't mean the dire maul ones. Also do you remember the quest chain, how it started and what was in it?

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    Took me a while to remember the name of the trinket as the quest was added quite some time after I had finished leveling, so I don't think I ever actually did the quest.

    But anyways, here you are

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    This was the reward. The effect has obviously been changed since then.


    I seem to remember you got the quest from a guy in Azshara, and probably a breadcrumb quest to get there. I'm fairly sure the quest just involved completing a dungeon.

    There is more info here.


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