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    Question Help Warlock Garalon

    Hey gang.

    I've been away a few months. Left in mid Nov just got back into game couple weeks ago. Finally got to a decent ilvl (480). I ran HoF last night. So, I have been told and read every where that the Garalon fight is the Warlocks wet dream as far as big numbers go. Im sucking nuts. So, Im looking for some tips, strats, rotation help on this fight. Im linking last nights last attempt, which I think I done a lil better than previous ones. We got him to 2%, I think b4 hitting enrage. Help a mofo out.


    My Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...fdotz/advanced
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    I play Destruction, so i'm not 100% sure with Affliction. But by looking at the logs i can see your DoT uptime is really low.

    The only tip i can really offer as Affliction is to have Garalon on focus, and make sure you keep all your DoTs up on him and the leg you're currently killing. This makes it a lot easier to quickly switch from a leg to Garalon as soon as you see a DoT running out.
    Also use Kil'jaeden's Cunning, and whenever possible be within the ring of the leg you're nuking down. He moves slow enough for you to stay in the circle while DPS'ing on the move.

    As Destruction, i move with the legs, keep Immolate up on the boss/legs and make sure to Havoc on CD to spread my Chaos Bolts. You just need to do the same thing.

    I would recommend starting with the boss and 1 leg at a time as your targets. Get comfortable with keeping DoTs up on 2 targets at a time, and you'll gradually get better and be able to branch out to DoT'ing more legs.

    Oh and also at the start, if you use a Soulburn + Seed of Corruption it'll spread Corruption on everything and give you a load of Nightfall procs for your opening burst.

    P.S. From your Armory i can see you're like 6% under the hit cap, thats not helping either. Make sure to get your hit cap.

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    To get ranked on this fight you need >99% uptime on everything, SB:SS the legs as they spawn, stand in the rings and haunt on the legs when you got 100% dmg bonus instead of using the shards for the boss. Might not be the best for raid dps but for your personal ranking it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moggers View Post

    P.S. From your Armory i can see you're like 6% under the hit cap, thats not helping either. Make sure to get your hit cap.
    affliction doesnt have to be hit capped
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    Quote Originally Posted by Angryshammy View Post
    affliction doesnt have to be hit capped

    By a few %, yeah. But it also depends on how fast you are at registering the misses, and if you notice them at all. When you're miles under the cap, and on a multi DoT'ing fight, it doesn't help.

    When you're progressing a fight and having difficulties with DPS, i don't really recommend going under the hit cap. But that might just be me, i prefer to get my Hit Cap as soon as possible.

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    in any case, he is still below the sweetspot which is 12+%.

    also, for affliction garalon isnt a warlock's wet dream, since their dps is directly linked with dot and MG uptime, its a cleaving class' wet dream. whoever told you that it was a warlock's wet dream is lying to you.

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    ...beyond what's been mentioned, what will help your DPS the most on this fight, as well as others, is reading the basics of affliction from http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...pecific-Guides

    Losing agony stacks, low dot uptime while multi-dotting (it's a sin for single target as well), using MG without active dots, not using cooldowns as many times as you can during the fight (2 DSM in 7 minutes) and more are crippling your damage more than anything else. Running single target at the body you should run 60k+ as a "moderate" player. With leg bonus and multi-dotting you should be able to get a ways higher. For comparison's sake, H Garalon in ~495 affliction ranges I've run with from 90-105k, ignoring the legs entirely.

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    idd, some guilds dont have ranged dps on the legs at all, since melee classes like rogues, warrior and dks tend to be better due to their cleaving capabilities.

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