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    Is there a way to not /startattack for abilities?

    I've been going nuts trying to figure out why my stealth is breaking early, and finally have figured out that it's because MoP changed mechanics such that failed attacks will still invoke /startattack.

    This means if I'm spamming garrote or cheapshot as I approach a target, my autoattack has started but I'm not in range, so when I get there, I autoattack immediately and break stealth before my opener happens sometimes.

    I know one obvious solution is to not spam as I'm getting near, but with latency, I really prefer to be able to use the ability as soon as I'm in range.

    I've looked though the settings in the interface panel and don't see an option. Any thoughts? Is there a /stopattack command I could macro into my abilities?

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    Yes. It's /stopattack.

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    /stopattack should work.

    I know my hunter uses the following macro when I want to daze and not do damage:
    "/cast concussive shot

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    OK, thanks very much both.

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