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    Leeching Poison- does this proc things?

    I'm still not clear if Leeching Poison is a damage increase in a raid. Obviously it would be a small one, but is it one at all?

    The argument I've heard is that Leeching Poison can trigger certain procs, and as such is arguably more dps than cripple (which almost everything is immune to, and therefore doesn't proc anything) or mind numbing (for which I think a similar argument can be made) and paralytic (which can stack on almost everything, but has a lower rate of application)

    Can anyone tell me:

    1- Which procs are supposedly affected by this
    2- If this is something that is rumored, or confirmed
    3- If this is something that is modeled by anything

    Thank you.

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    It can trigger anything on real PPM. However, due to how that works, it doesn't actually give you higher uptime.

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