View Poll Results: Which daily grind do you hate the most?

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  • Anglers

    6 2.40%
  • Golden Lotus

    99 39.60%
  • August Celestials

    19 7.60%
  • Tillers

    2 0.80%
  • Shado-Pan

    31 12.40%
  • Shieldwall/Dominance

    6 2.40%
  • Klaxxi

    23 9.20%
  • Cloud Serpent

    2 0.80%
  • Lorewalkers

    0 0%
  • All of the above.

    27 10.80%
  • I like dailies.

    35 14.00%
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    Golden Lotus, but only because they have the most boring quests, plus are required to even start on Shado-Pan and August Celestials. That and they're always camped to hell. Shieldwall/Dominance are a close second. Too bad that the ones I don't mind doing are the ones that don't sell valor gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meerkat View Post
    Ah yes. None of the new factions even compare to the dreadful grind of Cenarion Circle. Those damn Twilight pages still haunt me..
    Heh, back in Wrath when I was trying to get Loremaster, I was still ~dozen quests shy in Kalimdor, and just couldn't find any extra quests, so I figured, you know, I'll do the T0-> T0.5 upgrade chain, that will get me the last few I needed, right?

    So I started to farm the full T0 set, running dungeons over and over, until I finally had them all, then began the actual upgrade process. Most of it went fairly smoothly until the stage where you need the middle tier fire summon from Twilight Cultists in Silithus... took summoning twelve of the middle tier guys before the FIRE one spawned, which meant you had to summon 4 of the lesser tier guys per middle tier guy. Which meant a shitload of Mantle/Cowl/Robes from the cultists.

    Let's just say, I was exalted with Cenarion Circle from the sheer amount of grinding cultists before I got the proper flame guy to spawn.

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    I roleplay when I do my dailies. I love them all, my favorite was dominance offensive! If I had to pick one, i'd probably say anglers because its completely out of character for my death knight.

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    I liked the Golden Lotus a lot actually.

    Klaxxi was a pain, mostly because the zone is just depressing to be in and the quests were so damn grindy.

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    Klaxxi. I hated everything about that race and those dailies, horrible in all the ways possible.

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    In my mind, they should have been made Golden Lotus like this (basically same quests, just remix):
    Two hubs per day.
    Neutral-friendly. quests without Mogu across the valley. Shado-pan training, roll cub.
    Friendly-honored. Still some mundane quests, Mogu/Mantid scouts
    Honored-revered. Some scouts, Golden stair offensive force
    Revered-exalted. Ruins investigation, full-blown attacks from every side.

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    I voted GL, as it was interminable and hateful on my main (protadin, ended up doing dailies as ret.) That lake, especially, I hated that lake.

    However, it is MUCH better on my alts. Partly, the changes to speed up the rep grinds. Partly, my alts may be better geared than my main was at the time (they have the crafted stuff I guess). And partly, I know exactly what to do, which speeds things up.

    Plus no one told me about the GL wall rolling quest. I've only done it once, but that was about the best daily ever.

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    Golden Lotus needs to die...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hurwyn View Post
    Klaxxi was a pain, mostly because the zone is just depressing to be in and the quests were so damn grindy.
    Agreed. Klaxxi are much more time consuming than GL. Its a pity the quests dont give 250 rep each like pre-mop dailies. Perhaps thats because the rep per quest will double once your main hits revered.

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    Anyone saying Golden Lotus has clearly never done Nat Pagle.
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    I grinded every faction to exalted right away, didn't miss a daily quest and now i haven't needed to do a daily quest at all since long before 5.1.

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    Golden Lotus is my favorite.

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    For me it is.

    1. Nat Pagle.
    It's 3 quests you have to farm up the drops for. Could take 15 minutes to get all 3, could take an hour. There is no consistency with it. It's random how long each fish takes.
    Also one is in rivers, one is in Kun Lai the other is in salt water, so you cant even really do them all within the same zone, and certainly not in the same zone where you turn in the quests, you have to fly from Krasarang Wilds where Nat is, to the lake in Kun Lai.

    2. Golden Lotus
    With the abyssmally low amount of rep you get per quest it seems like it drags on forever, and you have to hop around from base to base.

    3. Klaxxi
    Rep is low but better than GL, and you can suppliment your rep gains with Amber Shards, and also one set of dailies doesn't have an extra "secret" boss daily. Mantid on the island have one (kill the giant rock worm), Mantid by HOF have one (kill the giant bug Karabosh), the spiders at the terrace of Gurthan have one (have two people activate the circles on the ground), the Saurok at the lake of Stars do not have an extra daily.

    4. Shado Pan/August Celestials.
    Rep at a good pace, you are in one area and the dailies are over quickly. (assuming the mobs dont bug out on you)

    At least for the origin rep grinds.

    Dominance Offensive was very well done I thought. Never had too much trouble with them.

    I know Nat Pagle doesn't give any VP like the other ones I mentioned but it is still pretty fucking horrible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kegler View Post
    Nat Pagle.... no contest.
    Absolutely undoubtably this.

    Anyone who disagrees is quite frankly wrong.

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    Their Mantid dailies on the furthest away isle are some of the most annoying I have ever encountered. Wu Kao supplies are ridiculously bad.
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    Klaxxi. I've been sitting at Revered with them since October because I just can't take it.

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    i like the dailies in MoP, golden lotus was my least favorite but i didnt hate them. and the final fight at exalted was pretty cool.

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    Golden lotus no doubt.

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    i really liked AC quests mostly the red crane temple hub,
    super quick and you have a twist every time you win one of their champion (you get a little drama in a letter via mail),
    it also had an ending when you fight that girl who turned to the dark side and came back as SHA infused...

    i really hated the shadow pan in that island hubs, mobs were partrolling too close and you just couldnt pull 1 group without dying due to bumping into another group.

    the AC...well , there are just too many hubs and quests that right in the middle it started to be stupid, running around lil mobs with fire sticks and barrels of beer...picking up apples and getting featers....its stupid...

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