View Poll Results: Which daily grind do you hate the most?

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  • Anglers

    6 2.40%
  • Golden Lotus

    99 39.60%
  • August Celestials

    19 7.60%
  • Tillers

    2 0.80%
  • Shado-Pan

    31 12.40%
  • Shieldwall/Dominance

    6 2.40%
  • Klaxxi

    23 9.20%
  • Cloud Serpent

    2 0.80%
  • Lorewalkers

    0 0%
  • All of the above.

    27 10.80%
  • I like dailies.

    35 14.00%
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    Quote Originally Posted by dexx View Post
    Agreed. Klaxxi are much more time consuming than GL. Its a pity the quests dont give 250 rep each like pre-mop dailies. Perhaps thats because the rep per quest will double once your main hits revered.
    Can't see how is that. You get Honored just from questing. Between daily quests and amber shards revered is quite fast. And with commendations Exalted takes like week.

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    nat pagle
    and shado-pan sucked too

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    I am assuming people that vote Golden Lotus never done the Shado-pan dailies. This factions dailies will be teach in future game design classes on how not to do daily quests.

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    Nat Pagle is like Netherwing...if you could only turn in one egg a week.

    Or it's like Hydraxxian Waterlords....if you only got rep from the giants and MC bosses.

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    August Celestials is a pain to get to Exalted if you need VP gear, but if you don't actually have to get it to Exalted, it's fine. Nat Pagle is fine since you can "take it at your own pace" and the quests themselves are sort of relaxing if you aren't trying to power it out. Klaxxi isn't terrible because of the buffs you get - if you're smart, you can complete them quite quickly.

    Honorable Mention for shit pile goes to...

    Shado-Pan: Buggy achievements, crappy NPC's, stupid quests, dismounting, and too many mobs to kill.

    The winner of the shitty dailies, though, by a large margin, has to be:

    Golden Lotus. Any sort of "grind stupid amounts of dailies just to unlock more dailies" is trash to me. Molten Front and Argent Tournament were the Cataclysm and WotLK versions. How the fuck anyone at Blizzard - or anyone - thinks it's "fun" is beyond me.

    Ignore the fucking fact that SP and AC are gated behind it, just the "dailies reward you with more dailies" is bad enough. At least double the rep gain. And at least give a treasure chest for each zone, but no, they can't be assed to do even that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cernunnos View Post
    the spiders at the terrace of Gurthan have one (have two people activate the circles on the ground)
    You can solo-summon the spirit of Gurthan.

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    If I had to select the factions from worst to tolerable:

    1. Golden Lotus
    2. Shado Pan
    3. August Celestials
    4. Klaxxi
    5. Operation Shieldwall
    6. Lorewalkers
    7. Cloud Serpent
    8. Anglers
    9. Tillers

    Just to clarify:

    I really hate Golden Lotus due to the insane small amount of reputation that you acquire per completed daily. But this goes towards the Shado Pan aswell.
    And August Celestials aswell as Shado Pan shouldn't have been gated behind Golden Lotus reputation at all. Also more August Celestial dailies (if we would need dailies to get reputation) would be a nice addition. I personally do not like dailies that much, but if these are the means by which I can gather reputation, let there be more dailies with bigger amounts of reputation.

    The Lorewalkers I didn't even start with. My Archeolagy skill is still about 10. This means that I don't like Archeolagy and thus won't do dailies that way. I skipped that type of quest aswell with the Cloud Serpents.

    Oh and why can I get insane amounts of reputation fast with the Cloud Serpents and be exalted in a few days, while Golden Lotus doesn't?

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    Most annoying faction : Golden Lotus > imo feels like way to many quests.
    Most annoying quest : Bug off (Dominance Offensive), im on Kazzak and there are way to less mobs for that many people xD
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    The Patient
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    Most hated "faction": Nat Pagle, hands down.
    After Nat, Cloud Serpents is the most annoying -- between being required to use bandages (not healing spells), fishing for more goddamn carp (again), and having to fly halfway across Pandaria to get to the nearest dig site, it just feels like an unnecessary time sink. Golden Lotus is only a whisker behind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirRaven View Post
    You can solo-summon the spirit of Gurthan.
    If you can that must be new.

    Every time I tried the beam would break if I left the circle. /lay beam appears, leave circle to enter the other circle it dissappears, enter the other circle /kneel beam appears, but as both beams arent present at the same time no boss spawns.

    I exalted klaxxi weeks ago so I am not sure, I haven't tried to summon him since I exalted.
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    August Celestials is the one I can't stand. It takes way too long to hit exalted even with the rep buff from the start. Golden Lotus is meh, but with the rep bonus it barely takes any time to hit revered/exalted with them. Shado-pan just has terrible npcs that can screw you over lol.

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    You seem to be confused by your own subject OP. Are you asking if we hate dailies and if yes what is the one we hate the most, or if regardless of hating dailies or not which is the one we don't like the most?

    If number one, then I don't hate dailies, I actually enjoy them. I do them at a medium pace, not rushing anything, and certainly not worrying about caps. Luckily I am also in a guild where I can do just that since we take it easy with raiding. And surprisingly, I had no problems in raiding or pugging up to now, quite the contrary actually. Also I have run out of reputations to cap other than Nat Pagle, whose grind I love. It's an actual grind, not an excuse of it, like the rest of them

    If number two, the worst faction to do dailies with has been up to now the August Celestials. The reason is not the few quests, or the pace. The pace is actually similar to most other factions. The reason is that next to nothing happens. There is very little story that evolves. You learn very few additional things about the Celestials. And the entire thing seems like a waste of resources to me. What was the thinking behind creating the Temple of the White Tiger for example, just for a few dailies. Such a waste of space and cool stories that could have been told...
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    You can get exalted with The Lorewalkers in a couple hours just from flying around and clicking all the lore objects.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaikoraimi View Post
    After Nat, Cloud Serpents is the most annoying -- between being required to use bandages (not healing spells), fishing for more goddamn carp (again), and having to fly halfway across Pandaria to get to the nearest dig site, it just feels like an unnecessary time sink. Golden Lotus is only a whisker behind.
    To be fair though, a lot of your gripes here are the result of how you chose to go about doing those particular quests.

    I was always a bit circumspect about those quests and did them in such a way as to be effort efficient.

    The biggest hassle with the bandage quest was making the bandages. But if you levelled up first aid you were going to have these bandages just lying around anyway.

    While levelling up fishing/doing fishing dailies/levelling up cooking/getting Nat Pagle fish, there are tons of opportunities to catch Golden Carp. As a result my stock of Golden Carp was a by product of other tasks, so I never fished up one Golden Carp for the Order of the Cloud Serpent. I simply used what I already had.

    For the archaeology one, I tended to do that every second or third day. One day I would pick up the quest, but only turn it in a day or 2 later once I have picked up the items from my regular archaeological activities.

    For me, doing archaeology digs is something I do as opportunity presents itself, rather than something I go out of my way to pursue. I do digsites when I am near them and since there are many reasons to move around the continent, it is not uncommon for me to find myself near a site and then to spend 3-4 minutes clearing it. It's one of those things you can do in a slow but steady manner. And with the daily given to you by the Lorewalkers to complete an Archaeology project, I like to make sure I keep a handy supply of fragments so that I can simply go turn in the quest any days I am in Vale of the Eternal Blossoms. So really, I pick up anywhere between 2 and 10 digsites a week, doing no more than 1 or 2 a day most days.

    What really baffles me about many of the daily rep complaints is that people are victims of their own choices, yet they fail to recognise this. People choose to rush the rep grind which often entails doing it the harder way, instead of just taking it easy and being happy to wait an extra week or 2 to complete it. The secondary profession related quests were strictly a nice, optional bonus that could help you complete the rep progression faster by synergising with other activities. If you are going to level up your secondary professions anyway, then doing these quests is quick and painless.

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    Shadopan, all of their quest paths are just awful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaelorian View Post
    And August Celestials aswell as Shado Pan shouldn't have been gated behind Golden Lotus reputation at all.
    I disagree. If you look at the amount of qq on forums all over the place about people feeling "forced" to do every daily every day, I think this was a good call by Blizzard. It forced people to limit their number of dailies. This way no one could claim that they were ever forced to do more than 2 factions a day because once the August Celestials and Shado Pan are unlocked, there is no "need" to continue with Golden Lotus or Klaxxi because all the "needed" valor items are accessible at revered.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vaelorian View Post
    Oh and why can I get insane amounts of reputation fast with the Cloud Serpents and be exalted in a few days, while Golden Lotus doesn't?
    For reasons related to what I was saying above. Hardcore players regard getting Golden Lotus to revered as fast as possible as "mandatory" work because it unlocks gear upgrades and 2 other factions which also offer gear upgrades - which is of significant importance to raid progression. By limiting the rep grind to a finite set of dailies, Blizzard are capping the amount of work they are "forcing" people to do.

    Order of the Cloud Serpent is, however, not mandatory by any definition of the word. It is a strictly vanity faction. If you want to get it to exalted in 3 days, that's your problem. No one is forcing you.

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    Nat Pagle is way ahead. That's a very rare drop daily quest, so it's like a shit upon which someone dropped another shit

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    Nat Pagle since you need to be lucky to fish up the questing fish in the first place, but after that its Golden Lotus.
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    I feel like everyone forgot Nat Pagle in the early parts of this thread. How can anything be worse than that?

    That said, I actually enjoy most of the daily factions in MoP, if not all (since Nat Pagle is purely fishing). My secret was that I didn't do dailies every single day, thus burn out on them within weeks. I only did them when I actually wanted to do dailies, thus they remain enjoyable.

    Crazy idea, I know.

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    Well i came back after almost 1 year break, and bought MoP around mid December.
    I didn't find dailies too tedious tbh, actually found them rewarding since they gave me something to do every night when i came home from work.
    I started raiding with my old guild around first week of January and was already almost exalted with Klaxxi and half way to exalted with GL.
    At this time i was doing ALL dailies, GL, Klaxxi, AC, SP, Tillers, Anglers and Shieldwall unless it was the "Cave" q line. Which was just time consuming pain in the ass for an undergeared rogue.
    After my first raid i did not have the time to do them all, just did GL, Klaxxi and Tillers, b4 it was 00:30 and i had to hit the sack, cause if i didn't, i'd be dead on work tomorrow.
    Luckily I dinged exalted on Klaxxi day after and GL maybe 3-4 days later so that gave me like 1h free every day.
    Yday i dinged exalted with Shado Pan, now only have AC left 3.5k/21k atm.
    And those dailies take like 10 min max to complete, not really a big chore.
    Will still do Shado Pan for the achievements, and i regularly do Tillers cooking daily for the cooking token.

    So all in all, not hating MoP dailies like most ppl but did find Golden Lotus ones to be quite tedious and unrewarding

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