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    <Puré> Late Night Heroic 25 Man Guild LFM!

    <Puré> of Alexstrasza would love to review an application from you. We achieved 8/8 HM in DS last expansion, and are looking to hit the ground running as a 25 man guild in the new xpac. We are looking to fill full time core positions in our 25 man raid. If you have any questions about us, I encourage you to visit our website. We have a guild charter that presents our philosophies on raiding that I encourage you to read as well. Feel free to look over our World of Logs.

    Puré Website: purealex.wowstead .com

    Puré's Progress: wowprogress .com/guild/us/alexstrasza/Puré/rating.tier14_25

    About Puré (alt 0233) of Alexstrasza

    Live like you’ll fight forever; fight like you’ll die tomorrow.

    We are the top 25 man late night guild on Alexstrasza. We are currently recruiting ALL exceptional applicants for core spots to help progress us through HM content.

    Puré has been around since Ulduar. We are a close-knit group that enjoys all aspects of the game, but most importantly we still have real lives outside the game. Our members are very committed, achieving great progress, despite raiding only three times a week. We provide an adult atmosphere (no kids) that almost anyone can enjoy that has any personality at all. We hold each other up to a high standard of play, as well as gathering the resources to maximize the in-game play.

    Current Raid Needs:

    Balance Druid - High
    Feral Druid - Medium
    Any Hunter - Medium
    Any Mage - High
    Holy Paladin - Medium
    Retribution Paladin - Medium
    Shadow Priest - Medium
    Any Shaman - High
    Any Warlock - Low
    DPS Warrior - High

    We always consider exceptional applicants from all classes. Remember: Just because your class is not listed it does not mean you cannot apply.

    Officer Team:

    Guild Leader: Söulstous
    Officers: Jackten, Natsúnoki, Prodígy

    Raid Hours:

    Required Raids: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 11:30 pm - 3:00 am CST (Invites start at 11 pm)

    What Puré offers:

    *A dedication through raid that challenges each raider
    *A competitive setting where people can grow as raiders and friends
    *Point system where you earn points for submitting mats to the gbank
    *EPGP Loot system. Very fair and we’ve had no complaints.
    *Raiders receive guild repairs seven days a week
    *Cauldrons(flasks), Feasts, dps/mana pots all provided for free

    What Puré requires:

    *Raiders that not only read/watch strats, but also partake in discussion on the guild forums and in vent
    *Extensive raiding experience dating back to at least the beginning of ICC
    *Top of the line DPS or HPS while controlling your raid awareness and survivability
    *Guild-first, progression raiding mentality

    Thank you for your attention, best of luck to you in the future!
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    We are still seeking dps and healers.

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    Looking primarily for healers now.

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    Still seeking healers!

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    Looking for healers and dps! Add Jacksmiles#1744 to inquire!

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    Don't forget to ad Jacksmiles#1744! Would love to talk to some hardcore raiders looking for a late night home!

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