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    Arcane Haste forge critique please

    I just got a few new upgrades this week:


    I feel like, with EoT procs, I might be pushing on too much haste? I had it for hElegon, and I was pushing just under 190k, but it was really hectic managing the mana. I ended up burning more to 20% than bouncing off of 80% with so much to focus on.

    Also, I like being able to swap back and forth between frost and arcane, but I really love fire. Has anyone else gotten up around the 500 ilvl and gone back to fire to see if it is practical? I know it won't push the same numbers, but if it is close, I might just go back. I don't want to hinder our progress though. We have hBlade Lord and 4 Kings up on deck next week.

    I also have tier pants, Lightning rider chest, and the DMC trinket in the wings. Also, elite normal dagger off protectors. Only the dagger is upgraded though.

    Any criticisms or advice? Thanks in advance.
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    You should ask Dreamspyre, he's around 12k haste I think seems there's no "max" haste now.

    Because the only time you'll GCD cap is if EoT procs during bloodlust, thats pretty rare because it has a huge ICD and even so, the dps gain you had in the fight BEFORE this happens compensate for this.
    Plus, you're not troll, so the hypothetic "haste cap" is even lower.

    Again, this is what I gathered reading here, never had this much haste myself, i'm at 8k2 without LotC.

    Hope this helps .
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    Wow, 12k haste is like... wow... that's crazy train.

    Yea I didn't even bother to look at the ICD on EoT until I got it last night. Seems wacky at 105 seconds.

    Thanks for the input Eihwaz

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malfecto View Post
    Wow, 12k haste is like... wow... that's crazy train.

    Yea I didn't even bother to look at the ICD on EoT until I got it last night. Seems wacky at 105 seconds.

    Thanks for the input Eihwaz
    Well, his haste rating is 11414 atm, and since he's a blacksmith you're not thaaat behind. You'd be 500 haste rating behind him if he didn't have blacksmithing :P
    As for your mana managing problem for H Elegon, that fight isn't the best to use invocation as your tier 6 talent as it can get pretty hectic and it's not as optimal because of the orbs (Gonna lose time on dps because you might be evocating while orbs are up). I suggest using the frost/rop build or the mage/rop build for that fight. For the fire build, I believe there are a select few that still play it, but idk if it's as optimal nowadays, I think it parses well in aoe fights, so you could maybe spec for fire during those fights. If you want to go back to it, try it out again when your guild is fighting bosses on farm and check your logs and compare it to your old arcane logs to see how much its off by.

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    correct me if im wrong but isnt 12k haste a way too much?? I have 7.2k haste. My AB CD is 1.6 s non buffed, in raid with all buff is 1.4s. when EoT proccs and BL is up CD is exactly 1 sec. Isnt anything below GCD just waste?
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    I'll just chime in quickly. This only ever presents an issue if you get lust and eot proc concurrently. Because you will be below gcd cap during this, the overall benefit of haste will begin to devalue more the longer the two are up together. I found that for my gear, it didn't reallly devalue haste enough to stop stacking it. Really, the only time eot and lust together is an issue is if you're casting it at the start of the fight. The huge icd will mean the odds are you won't proc it for anything near the full duration if you lust later in the fight.

    There are levels of haste where you will get to, or certain gear sets that will make it a better idea to stop at the gcd cap and stack mastery. At one point I stopped at 8797 and went mastery and saw an jncrease.in dps, but I eventually got more gear and it showed to be more by just continuing with haste. Use a good arcane simc action list to figure out what you should be doing. Lastly, I play invocation from time to time so all the extra haste past gcd cap is still very useful for doing that.

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    Still watching the thread. Thanks for the perspective, especially Dreamspyre with a practical viewpoint. I guess I'll stick with the haste for a while, especially since we only have the shaman haste buff for a few fights a week.

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