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    Quote Originally Posted by Punisher069 View Post
    They need something to complain about so they can feel better about themselves. It's not fun to wait in queue for Terrace and get a great combination of new players and trolls.

    Also in the blue post they say there will be a minimum effort required for the buff so you can't just run in and wipe.
    That is where the arguing starts, you put together baddies with decent players trying to gear a alt or attempting to grab a piece that they dont have yet from normal raiding, you get a person who is lazy with someone who wants to burn through faceroll easy content. This has always been lfr and even queing for heroics problems, putting together two very different type of people. Problem solved, run as many guildies as possible for lfr and boot the worst of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by otaXephon View Post
    I'm not sure how anybody could possibly correlate "Lootreaver" with the LFR. The trash alone was more difficult than any of the normal mode bosses in MSV. o_o;
    I agree and the previous poster, WOtlk was the start of the Wrath babies and handing out free loot. Then when cata hit and they couldnt clear the content they cried it was too hard along with 5-man heroics because blizz gave them everything the expansion before for doing next to nothing. Now this happens every xpac, i have a alt in a guild and they cant even clear all of normal mode raiding and they just say we will clear it when they nerf it. They dont want to actually get better, hell one of the mages didnt even know expertise gave him hit and hes the raid lead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cookie View Post
    I think it's a great idea tbh. Worst case scenario, it gets even easier for me to /follow someone through lfr. Best case scenario, lfr gets a bit more challenging (they can afford to tune it up a bit with this buff) and I actually find it a bit enjoyable. Win-win.

    This actually made me lol, nice one.

    This is pretty much how it is right now, to wipe in lfr right now more than half of your group has to be mentally retarded (having 1-2 solid healers means that it's impossible to wipe). I can litterarly soloheal some fights in lfr, with people standing in mechanics.
    I thought the mental health center was having a lan party the other night while trying to gear up a alt. Never seen so much stupid compiled in one raid before and no one wanted to kick anyone because it isnt nice,wtf is this carebear island? The baddies somehow always manage to be in packs defending themselves from getting kicked with other bads who wont kick them lol.

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    Why you even bother? If you're heroic raider like me and my guild - you won't even have to run it. There's a huge ilvl gap between normal TOT and LFR, namely LFR TOT dropping 502 ilvl gear - same things you can get in H MSV, and that's talking about unupgraded loot.

    I barely cleared 6 heroic bosses in this tier, while I'm at 501 ilvl even now, it will go up to 505-510 by the end of the patch thanks to new heroic progression drops and valor point upgrades. Only loot of interest from new LFR might be trinkets, depending how powerful they are, and perhaps tier pieces to get your 2/4 set quicker if it's good.

    I don't really care about state of other people. I'm not entitled elitist prick to rage at casual player decked in epics. If he has them fine, it has 0 effect on my performance in raids. Hell, that casual player could have huge amounts of gold in his pockets, and could've just purchased a boost from top-notch guild, to have same achievements, epics and epeen like players that actually progressed. Why should I be mad at this? If I'm the seller I'd actually be HAPPY, i lose nothing (it's content im doing anyway) while someone pays me hefty sum of gold to carry him ^^
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    Quote Originally Posted by Osmeric View Post
    A lot of people in this thread don't understand the entirety of what Blizzard is going to do.

    This change is an excuse for them to not nerf LFR below what they think it should be. So if the typical LFR group can't handle the complexity, they'll just have to wipe until the buff stacks enough and they can.

    This is going to turn most LFR runs into prolonged wipefests before typical LFR players can handle the encounters.

    It's a massively ridiculous idea, but not because it's making LFR easier. It's more akin to their insane design for Cataclysm's initial heroic 5 mans, and will be about as good for the game as that was.
    What about any of this makes you think so? LFR runs won't be prolonged wipefests, you'll see net less wipes because the % increase players will get after a wipe. What this aims to cure is people who drop after one wipe, thus the rest of the raid is forced to sit there waiting for more people to join.

    Most LFRs are wipefests at the start until people learn to handle the new encounters, this will actually make that learning period shorter by the way, not longer.

    These connections, how are you making them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gurbz View Post
    I saw that in the updated patch notes and I had to ask myself "Is this really an issue that needs addressing?". Maybe I have just been insanely lucky, but in nearly 3 months of running LFR, a group I was in has wiped exactly once. I think it almost would take more time and effort to wipe than to kill the boss.
    Same here. I have been doing LFR for less time but a fair number of weeks... I have seen a whopping total of 2 wipes. Once because no one went into the spirit world on Gar'jal and once because there were a number of people stuck outside the gate because some moron ran in and aggro'd the boss.

    LFR is crazy easy as it is...

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    it gets reset on per boss basis so you prolly wont see it in good(wednesday) groups

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    world of casualcraft

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sythari View Post
    Last night I wiped 16 times on Tsulong (not even joking). You're very lucky.
    Ouch. My sympathy. Had a group hit enrage because the tanks let so many dps die during day phase to big add last week. Was a sad thing to watch. Was trying to gear up my OS, decided I wouldn't be touching LFR again until 5.2.
    Quote Originally Posted by Oneru View Post
    Back in Molten Core in Vanilla, about 20 people up and the rest still being ressed. Cidet, our rogue, goes in stealth and moves up to Ragnaros. About 5 seconds later, Ragnaros aggroes and starts killing all of us again. Everyone is pissed and I whisper Cidet "wtf happened?!". All he replies me is...

    "Target has no pockets"

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