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    Thread title change

    Hey, would be nice to be able to change the title of your own thread, at least in the recruitment forums. It's really annoying to not be able to post your progression in the title because of the hazzle involved with updating it every time your guild kills a new boss (contacting a mod or posting a new thread each time). Not sure if this is even possible tho, just wanted to mention it. Thanks!

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    We don't allow users to change their own thread titles for the general trouble it would cause on most of the site, and I don't think it's something we could toggle on/off on a forum by forum basis. However!

    Instead of making a new thread each time or PM'ing a mod, you're more than welcome to report your thread with the new title that you'd like it changed to. All of the moderators assigned to those forums + global moderators will be alerted to it that way. And I personally make it a point to go through all of the reports from the recruitment forums every day and make sure they get updated.

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    Ah neat, will try this. Thanks for the swift response.

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