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    3v3 comp to run as a Lock (Advice needed)

    I have been solely a RBG lock for the past month or two and I wanted to get into arena as this season is ending (to start learning my team mate's playstyle). Then stay with them into the next season and actually start to push into 3s and enjoy arenas. I haven't been in the arena scene on my lock since Season3 (long time ago) so I'm not up to date on what the 3v3 spec is for locks and what comps to run that are viable. I understand that locks aren't top of the top right now but I'm not looking to push into top %s in 3s. I just want to have a viable team that I can enjoy playing with, and at the same time not get destroyed because our comp is horrible.

    I currently know how to play Destro and afflic well, and I'm in the process of teaching myself demo pvp. I've watched 3v3 vids on youtube and twitch of Locks who run eleSham, desto lock, Rdruid // Lock, DK, Rsham // Lock, Mage, Rsham // and I've seen a few where it's lock, rogue, Rdruid.

    If I was going to look within my PvP guild for 2 partners to run 3s with, what should I go for that is viable and will give us an open avenue to actually push decently into 3s. I've tried to google Lock comps and check ArenaJunkies, etc, and all I can seem to find are threads from early 2012 and 2011. So I'm not sure what current 3s comps are doing with Locks in the mix.

    I enjoy the class greatly and I'm just looking to have fun with it in arena with 2 other buddies, and I'm trying to get a good starting point to creating a team that can make that push while still having fun at the same time. Any advice here is greatly appreciated.

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    now? you're looking for glad this season? is that what you're saying?

    find someone with a shadow priest and play the account :/ .

    if you insist on inflicting pain on yourself.. WLS is probably your best bet this season..you could play other things, but why?


    RLS , Shadow Cleave, MLS, WLS.

    play whatever spec in 5.2.. all are equally dogsh*t on PTR pretty much. imo, affi seems to be the least dogsh*t atm but i'm biased.

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    Most played comps for locks are:

    Lock / Warrior / X
    Lock / Mage / X
    Lock / Spriest / X

    Other ones are:

    Lock / Rogue / X
    Lock / Boomkin / X
    Lock / Feral / X

    In order of best to worst healers to fill the X:
    Rsham >> Rdruid > Hpala >>>>>>>> Disc / Monk

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    Oh no. Not trying to push top %s on this lock. Just looking to have some fun in arena and push into decent territory. And your bias is noted XD but i'll take your opinion into account. I just want to find ppl to play with as this season is ending so i can learn their playstyle and behavior, then actually play more seriously in 5.2 (but I by no means plan on hitting anywhere near gladiator, just looking for fun)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lulbalance View Post
    now? you're looking for glad this season? is that what you're saying?
    He didn't say Glad one time in his post, what?

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