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    Questions About a New Monitor

    So I have had my current monitors for a few years now (http://www.overstock.com/Electronics...2/product.html) and I am wondering how are they compared to what's new out there now. They haven't given me any issues and they are fine but I'm just interested in something new. Would upgrading to something newer yield a noticeable difference? I'd have a budget of around $200 per monitor.

    I run dual screen with a EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1024 MB.


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    Upgrading to a 1920x1080 IPS panel will give you a bit better picture, not sure if you can find a good one for $200 though.
    It will also give you a bit lower FPS in games.
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    I would recommend going to a store and looking at panels first, just to see the difference. I, personally, literally can't see a quality difference between TN and IPS sitting side by side (it's possible that the display models are crappy, though). However several of my friends swear up and down that they can never go back to TN panels ever. I've always been happy with the cheapest, largest, respectable brand. Currently using 2x Viewsonic VX2450, which are 'decent', and I think they look great.

    Personally I wouldn't upgrade at all, unless you found a deal on some 24-25 inch screens. Or you needed better quality for some reason (graphic design). I'm also 'poor', and not you. I could never spend $400 on monitors.

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