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    Power Word: Solace has been replaced with a new talent: Solace & Insanity

    For Shadow, this ability causes Mind Flay to gain the Insanity effect when it's cast on a target with 3 Shadow damage-over-time spells on it. Insanity increases the damage of Mind Flay by 33% per Shadow Orb consumed.
    I seriously hope this change doesn't go ahead. It sucks big time.

    I have been playing my S.Priest alot for the last 2 month and have got the hang of the rotation, CDs and procs.
    I like the play style and I am happy with my DPS output. The proposed change will ruin all that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Torque21 View Post
    That LFR buff sounds very OP.
    LFR is already easy, so why the buff?

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    Quote Originally Posted by martinboy View Post
    LFR is already easy, so why the buff?
    They may be anticipating a really brutal 5.2 LFR, all the experienced mains leaving the 5.0 LFR making it harder, or maybe both.

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    Do any of the changes really effect spriests outside of PvP? doesn't look like it to me.

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    I am just hoping that the Director has some gaming, if not warcraft, experience pre-movie-sign. Often lacking in gaming adaptations.

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    why not remove deep freeze or just make it 1 sec stun??.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imhullu View Post
    They are going to have to do something to keep people interested for another 2 years if they're aiming at a 2015 release.
    Not sure if serious...

    Blizzard isn't a film studio, they're a games developer: they make video games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Folexnn View Post
    Pretty lame that they're making Halo not knock enemies out of stealth anymore.....
    It knocking people out of stealth was ridiculous in the first place. It covers way too high a range and was beyond stupid in arena.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darmalus View Post
    They may be anticipating a really brutal 5.2 LFR, all the experienced mains leaving the 5.0 LFR making it harder, or maybe both.
    ^^^^^^. Because do you plan on running them come 5.2? I sure don't.

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    We agree that Retribution does not offer enough benefits to an Arena or Battleground team >> Nerf selfless healer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ejpaints View Post
    ^^^^^^. Because do you plan on running them come 5.2? I sure don't.
    Depends. On my DPS or Tanks? No, the queue is painfully long and the valor is only 10 more than the first dungeon of the day. My healers, on the other hand, get instant queues which make running it purely for valor much more attractive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UcanDoSht View Post
    Are you implying that Bristney Spears is not successful at what shes doing? Just like Justin Biber, both are popular and successful, else they wouldnt be rich. Calling someone ignorant, because he never heard of a (hardly) medium successful director is blasphemy.[COLOR="red"]
    It's obvious for me, and for you that he is saying that Britney is successful at what she does, but lack talent. Same with Justin Bieber. If that is true or not is up to interpretation. The same goes with everyone complaining about Diablo 3. Some may, or may not like what they did with Diablo. Which is fine, but I don't understand why people have to be complete asses about it.

    As for whoever said that Blizzard tries to shift the blame on anyone else. What do you base that one? A single comment that Jay did about a guy that said something, probably honest, but less than flattering things about the game he spent many years working on. People are seriously too harsh, and has no clue what it is like to work in the game industry. It does not matter what you do, as someone will always complain. If it is too easy to someone, it is going to be to hard for someone else etc. You should all read this great article highlighting some of the issues that people in the gaming industry has to go through everyday,

    It seriously does not matter if it's a major game developer, or a indie game developer. There is no way that you will be able to satisfy everyone, and instead of providing constructive feedback people goes berserk, especially when they don't get their way, simply because they are in the safety of their home, protected from reality. I mean c'mon if you complain about Fifa being the same shit every year, it's not like there are people putting their heart and soul into making those games... right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nexsa View Post
    Video game based movies always suck. Games based off movies always suck. I think they should keep games as games and movies as movies.

    ---------- Post added 2013-01-30 at 08:37 PM ----------

    How did you get a Wizard?
    Lotr two towers and Lotr the return of the king on ps2 was awesome :O
    Quote Originally Posted by kbarh View Post
    may i suggest you check out wowwiki or any similar site, it's Grom that orders the murder of Cairne

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashedora View Post
    it takes 1month with daily farm of the 3 dailies which can take 30min-4hours+, ME MAD CAUSE I DID IT
    Hah, I am with you. I have mixed feelings about this change. Honestly, on average I found it took about 10-20 minutes per fish. Yes, I had dry spells where it took 1hour+ and those sucked. Keep in mind this is not completely wasted time. You can sell the fish on the AH, convert them into cooking tokens or even fish from pools for a chance at the turtle mount so you are certainly walking away with something for your troubles. End result is by far the best fishing enhancement in the game, and there is a degree of certainty to obtaining it (ie, you aren't directly competing for a rare spawn or something). It *should* be a PITA to get.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferrouswheel View Post
    He is popular, a lot of people know of him. If you read the thread we're talking about, I'd say about 75% are saying "Sweet david bowie's son" or "I loved moon it was my favorite sci fi movie!" Only about a quarter of them are ignorant like you. Peter Jackson made a couple crappy horror flicks before making LOTR, at least Zowie Bowie has made a couple good movies.
    A lot of people know him huh

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buu View Post
    WoW have Tom Chilton putting the things players are interested in
    He obviously failed, because i'm not interested in WoW anymore But i guess i can't blame him. The game just got boring after 8 years of playing.
    I'll still watch the movie though, whenever it comes out.

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    Can't Blizzard just take a Michael Bay instead of ruining Duncan Jones for us

    Duncan should write/direct another small movie like Moon.

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    Moon was a good movie. Dunno if that will translate into a better Warcraft movie though...but it's better than no director!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gratlim View Post
    Love them tears of all those fotm rollers playing Spriests. Back to reality guys hybrid tax still exists! There is hope!
    I've played SP since vanilla, when was that month?!

    Quote Originally Posted by Freia View Post
    It knocking people out of stealth was ridiculous in the first place. It covers way too high a range and was beyond stupid in arena.
    And rogue/druids dont have means to teleport to cover that range? oh wait! Honestly, if you get caught by Halo you are either to slow at making your move or to slow to react and run out of its lightspeed travel radius.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gilian View Post
    Glyph of Mind Spike only works from Mind Spike that aren't instant casts from Surge of Darkness.

    I don't get this. So FDCL is now a useless talent?
    Pretty much... Seems like Blizz did everything they could to take ALL burst away from SPs and make them dotrama again >_<

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    Buff locks? Cool.

    Inc new fotm locks....


    /chaos wave... AHOY!

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