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    Show me Your Moves achievment

    So my guild just killed heroic tsulong yesterday and were doing achievements tonight before starting running our face into sha. My question is do you have to do the dance in a titan gas phase? We were trying it for like 30 min last night getting used to it and we were popping hero burning the adds then ring of frosting the set of rages right before the first dance and doing the first dance. Will this work or does the Single Unstable phase mean a titan gas phase?
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    Unstable phase = 1 dance. Everyone needs to dance the same dance and hit the same boss with the attack.
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    So you have to tank the bosses on top of each other, if everyone in the raid needs to strike the same boss and dodge the same dance?
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    The easiest way to do it is the 2nd combo after gas phase starts. Tank them on the outside of the gate that separates them normally and closer to the center of room.(so you have LoS no matter what). Then, have your raid on the the left one (looking to the back of the room) as he starts his combo 4 seconds before the right one. Then have your mobile tank on the right one solo. They can use monk transcendence, warrior intervene, druid blink or have a priest life grip them and spam a /tar boss2 /click ExtraActionButton1 macro.

    They will then get gripped back and you don't have to worry about ppl taking unnecessary damage.
    You could tank them on top of each other and then just make sure you dodge one of the combos as they are counted separately, but you're surely going to take extra damage.

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    Also, even though the achievement only says '...after all members of the raid execute an Opportunistic Strike on the same construct within a single Unbalanced phase.', you'll need a full 10/25 to perform the Opportunistic Strike. We tried to 9-man it a while back and were granted no achievement.
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    I hope you're not crazy enough to try the achievement on Heroic.

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