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    Quote Originally Posted by mikoslav View Post
    Plus, correct me if I am wrong, upgrading staff with valor is 2 times cheaper than upgrading MH +OH with valor.
    You hit the nail. I will keep on using staff until I'll be lucky enough to obtain Kritak + HC offhand

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ysoph View Post
    There is no reason why you should be considering using Regails dagger over a KriTak.

    Kritak is a way better in all important stats.
    That's only true if you have one from the same level of content and finished part 2 of the legendary quest. Otherwise Regail's Elite is better.

    So in this case, yes, Kri'tak. But it's not guaranteed. It's only slightly better.

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    Heroic Elite Regail's was a better option when you had both heroics, before they added the additional socket.

    With the addition to the extra socket (5.1), the mace is a better option.
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