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    5.2 Legendary questline question

    I see some people complaining about BG wins in the new questline, yet I cannot see anything like that requirement in the questline.
    Am I missing out on something here?
    Spent 30 minutes looking around searching for PTR updates regarding the new questline and nowhere does it say anything about PvP.

    Can someone enlighten me please?

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    BG win requirement is already in the 5.1 questline
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    the BG wins you refer to are in the 5.1 questline.

    5.0 questline: earn honored by killing Mogu/Sra'thik Mantid and gather 10 Sigils of Wisdom/Power -> +500 stat socket for your Sha-touched weapon

    5.1 questline: earn revered by killing Allied/Horde forces in Krasarang and earn the Test of Valor (gather 6000 Valor Points) achievement. After that: Kill the enemy Boss in Krasarang Wilds and win in Temple of Kotmogu/Silvershard Mines -> Prismatic Socket for your Sha-touched weapon

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    5.2 questline: earn exalted by killing Zandalari/Moku on the Isle of Thunder and gather 10 Sigils of Thunder in the new raid. After that some RP/Lore quests. Then throw a spear into the new World-Boss and kill him with a raid group. -> Crown of the Heavens (a head enchantment) and a +324 stat and random procc gem for your Sha-touched weapon

    PS: This is subject to change (still PTR) and in now way guaranteed that it will play out that way.....perhaps the questline might be completely different.

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    Oh holy shit - That totally went past me.

    I thought I was done next week when I'm gonna finish 5.0 questline. I thought the 6k Valor etc was for 5.2.
    Man, I gotta wake up!

    Thanks alot!

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