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    Quote Originally Posted by Troggdor View Post
    the point would be limiting it by race, yes ... i feel more people would stick to their races gear than would complain about not having access to the others
    So you'd rather restrict it and definitely anger some players, rather than leave it unrestricted and anger no one? I mean I know people get angry about people having access to everything in WoW, but this shouldn't even be an elitism argument.
    The way I'd do it, it's just tied to the racial vendors, as Skytotem said. You hit Exalted with a race, you get access to their stuff. Maybe tie some quests to it to differentiate it from the easily obtained tabards and bags, so the people who really want it have to work a little, but if all you want is Exalted there's no need to put in the extra time. Have it accessible to all races of that faction, so since you start off "exalted" with your race's faction you'll have access to at least one set/quest line right off the bat, and have to work for the others. Everybody wins!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Constellation View Post
    They really need to make that vile fumigator's mask transmogable. I like that one coz my eyebrows stick through the lenses
    Man, you may think that's cute in-game, but when my boyfriend bought me a FigurePrint for Christmas years ago, that's how my character copied over (albeit with a different helm). So now I've got this lovely, expensive statue with...clipping eyebrows. >.<

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    Culture / Faction sets? Yes yes yes yes yes!

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    This is a great idea - hie thee hence to the official suggestion forums, good sir!
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    FF11 had something like this, there was a race-specific chain at a certain level that rewarded a themed set of armor for that race.

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    I would kill for that sets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haven View Post
    That's because T9 was specifically designed for factions, not classes, remember? Actually, I like the Alliance leather from T9 so goddamn much I consider rerolling my monk into Alliance just to get the look-alike of this set in Jade Forest.
    Good to see I'm not the only one that loved the Alliance leather T9.
    Definitely like this idea.Would be ballin' if it ever comes to be

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psychotrip View Post
    This idea is cool, unique, fun, and would add something beyond mindless raiding and pvping to the world of warcraft.

    That's why it's never gonna happen.
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    Love the idea

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    Yeah indeed, that would be a lot of fun, both to wear and to collect.

    Blizzard has made leaps in this department since the introduction of transmog, and with Mists we even saw special sets JUST for transmog. I would love to see more of those.
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    I would love it. I'm trying to create a Deathguard-style transmog set for my Undead Hunter, but the best fits I can find are all either white items or non-mail. Plus I can't find the tabard/chestpiece they use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yig View Post
    They've been making gear inspired for specific races for years, but nowhere near enough, and not in any specialized way. It was one of the first things I immediatly loved about making a blood elf or draenei in TBC, they created quest rewards designed to look relevant to the character's culture.

    Every once in a while in random places, Blizzard does this still.

    I've talked about this a few times this week, but my dream content would be a reputation system for each race sort of, with a Shieldwall style daily system for each race you would have to travel to Teldrassil or Durotar or Mulgore or Elywnn Forest etc to take part in, and every few days you would unlock a new major step in a storyline completely focused around each race.

    Using phasing it would be great to go back to your starting area and around the world for different lore oriented reasons.

    And the reward would be racial weapons and armor and toy trinkets all concerned with that race.

    I wish archaeology was something like that.
    This is such a great idea!!!
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    I'm all for more racial/culturally inspired gear, but I don't like the idea of restricting it.

    There's a lot of gear that already is clearly inspired by iconic class/race combos, and I think that the ideal would be that it existed a Gear for each race/class combo. But again, I don't like the idea of restricting it.

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    I think this would be an excellent addition. I can't see it happening before the new race models though. Having said that, if blizzard did it in connection with the new races they could make a ton of money from race/faction changes with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Redmage View Post
    FF11 had something like this, there was a race-specific chain at a certain level that rewarded a themed set of armor for that race.
    Which was just a recolor of the gear they wore when you first created them.

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    I support this idea, but I'm not sure if it will happen. However I really think they need to rethink the transmog rules and allow us to transmog cloth into leather, plate into cloth, etc etc which would do wonders for getting a more race like look for your toon.

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    Knowing Blizzard, we will just get bunch of human/orc themed sets.

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