ilvl 505 Holy Paladin and an ilvl 506 Rogue looking for guild. The paladin could also go Retribution, though that gear is a little lower at this point in time (492ish ilvl, but parsed in 80th percentile on a 1/23/13 Vizier normal kill)

There may be more, but I am unsure how they feel at this time.

After recruiting and recruiting and recruiting against IRL crap, the end is unfortunately here.

As frustrated as I am, I just want to get this post out there and be done with it. Any specific details can be obtained in game via battle tag, but I'll throw some basics out there.

Been raid leading since Karazhan, and a step away from that would be a welcome change. From there my group was able to knock out a server first Lich King Heroic (wtb 10 man realm spam in 2008), Heroic Rag, and everything in between.

This current expac we got to 11/16 Heroic (6/6 4/6 1/6), with Amber Shaper in phase 3, and that's when everything started to come apart. Healers started bickering at each other, DPS who have been friends for a while arguing over nothing. Tank ninja transferring because of "lol sponsorship". Been a rough 2 weeks.

Our available raid times are 9pm-1am EST. Any days are available, really. Anything between 3 and 5 days is acceptable.

Will not consider Horde at this time, too expensive to move everything.

Preferably we're looking for something between 14/16 and 16/16 Heroic that has their pieces in place for 5.2.

You're getting a rogue that knows what the hell he's doing. Paladin isn't too shabby, either.

We're looking to move the day of 5.2, and will be ready to amaze.

Daltin#1235 is my battle tag.