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    Warlock - Reforge Review

    Hey fellow Warlocks.

    In the past, I have always done my own reforges completely based off my own knowledge and Simcraft but this expansion, I started using Ask Robot which I used to avoid like the plague. Initiatally it seemed ok, and I like the gear ranking factor now that EJ's Warlock area is basically non-existent and I don't trust the other sites.

    I think I have too much Mastery and should be putting some down into Haste.

    Normally I wouldn't put myself out there but I am open to critique:

    wow/en/character/proudmoore/Masonik/advanced -> US Server

    Any advice / tips are appreciated

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    As you probably can't post links yet, here is a link to your profile for anyone wanting to help: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...sonik/advanced

    Which is your main spec? Aff or Demo?

    I can't really help as I don't use Affliction, if you were asking about Demo then you'd have too much haste, I'm sure people on here will help, I've always found this forum to be excellent for helping with these kinds of questions :-)
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    Thank you for the help, appreciate it.

    I main as Affliction and all reforging is done with that in mind.

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    I gave it a quick lookover, seems good. I don't know if the debate was ever settled on whether to equalize haste and mastery, go straight mastery, go for a low or high haste breakpoint, etc, but your reforging and gemming look good. Nothing I can see that's too out of line. One note though, I didn't check your gear specifically, but we can reforge into expertise for spell hit. Useful if you have a Hit/Crit piece and are aiming to get to hit cap, as you can reforge the crit to exp and free up more options elsewhere potentially.

    I don't use MrRobot, just can't get it to work for me.

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    1) Watch this video ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8HqF-0egDY )
    2) Do whatever it says
    3) ????
    4) Profit!

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