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    So making this thread couldn't have waited until, I don't know, you actually made the thread about something?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayburner View Post
    signing off for now but it has old lady hands on the back of your neck while looking out a kitchen window and her prescence is always looking at you..the shake of your shoulder blade while you sleep but no one there. I`ll finish this true story tomorrow night ..just really burnt out and almost pyschotic from lack of sleep last few days. sorry.
    "I haven't been able to sleep for days but suddenly, right as I was about to tell you my super awesome story and show you 100% incontrovertible proof ghosts exist, I suddenly will be able to sleep and have decided to pursue that instead."

    Fake, Troll, GTFO, etc.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheGravemind View Post
    If I was in his boots (and forced to join the SS in 1939 or whenever he joined), I would have tried to liberate the camp myself or die trying. He did not. He traded his life for the life of thousands of people, thus he should face the consequences
    Quote Originally Posted by Proberly View Post
    Oh would you now? It truly is amazing how many heroic people we have wasting their time on internet.

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    Time to become a hunter like the winchesters then.
    We stopped searching for monsters under our beds when we realized that they were inside us.

    Tell me something, my friend. You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?

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    I'm going to go ahead and close this.

    You can feel free to remake it when you actually have the time to post actual information, rather than just a place holder/filler.

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