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    Name this game?

    Hello everyone!

    I am trying to figure out the name of a game that I played years ago, but I cannot remember it. I figured, what better place to come to than MMO-Champion!
    I don't remember to much about it, but I can give a few details.

    The game feels like a Legend of Zelda game that was played on the Gameboy.
    It is for PC and is multiplayer.
    It is downloaded off the internet, no CD or anything.
    In the game, you were able to farm and grow your own vegetables and such, along with mining and smithing armor/weapons.
    I am pretty sure that you start on an island, as a tutorial, but then when you leave the island, you cannot return.
    And I also have a feeling that the game starts with the letter "S".

    (And no, it is not Runescape)

    If anyone has any information to give and maybe a picture, that would be fantastic!

    Thank you!

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    I know exactly what it is.. Yet the name escapes me... thank you ever so much for the pain my brain will feel until I work it out..

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    Oooh.. Harvest Moon?

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    Please use the thread that unholy pointed out.

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