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    Is there a current game out there that will be around for a while?

    I am looking for a new game. I am looking for one with a large player base and a future. I play games for fun but at this point in my life I know its a big commitment to play them so I want to find one that will be around so the time I invest in it does not seem to be a waste. I have played WoW for years. I loved it. I met my fiance on it but I just can't really enjoy myself in it any more. Any suggestions on games to play? It doesn't have to be an mmo but would prefer one. Also my computer is old so hopefully something that does not have high requirements.

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    Guild Wars 2, the requirements are not that high and most of the people i have talked with about GW2 had said many good things about it, i think you should try it

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    Quote Originally Posted by strawberrytiger View Post
    I am looking for a new game.
    That's why you need me.... Need someone to punish you for your sins.

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