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    Corsair TX550M or Seasonic G Series 550W?

    Which one would you prefer?

    Currently because of availability I have a very limited choice of products and these are 2 that, thankfully, I can purchase and can have shipped to my country.

    Which would you recommend?


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    Those are absolutely the only power supplies you can get? I'd probably go with the Corsair simply because it's cheaper, if quality was the same.

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    If it's a TX v2 it's also made by seasonic i believe

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    If i am reading this correctly, the Corsair TX550M costs about $65 and the Seasonic is at $90. So here are the pros and cons (in my opinion)

    Seasonic G 550:
    + 80+ Gold
    + Seasonic build quality
    - according to reviews, some of the cables (mainly the 4/8 pin cpu connector) are not very long, so you can get into trouble with bigger cases.
    - more expensive

    Corsair TX550M:
    + Cable length (i haven't actually looked that up, but all of their psus i have examined until now were generous in that regard)
    + cheaper
    o build by Channel Well (they are not bad, just not as good as Seasonic)
    - 80+ Bronze

    I personally would go with the Seasonic, if you don't have a big case. But i am someone who is willing to pay $100 or more for a decent psu, and the price for the Seasonic is reasonable for what it offers.

    Just a little warning: The TX-M series is prone to coil whine. At least that was the case about 2 years ago when it was introduced. Might have changed since then...

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    As far as i know TX550M is more expensive than G550.
    I would go with G550 over TX550M.

    http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00918MEZG/?tag=pcpapi-20 $86 is a bargain for a gold rated modular PSU from Seasonic.
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    +1 for the Seasonic G unit.

    Johnny Guru review of the Seasonic 550G
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    I would go with the seasonic as well they are the standard for power supplies.

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