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    Feral what am i doing wrong ?

    My druid is Magink on Illidan (us)


    This is my most recent logs form a norm 25 vaults

    I am not new to feral, but lately i am really struggling keeping up with our Mage(arcane) on dps. I am specced into vigil instead of DoC as a personal preference. I am not hit or exp capped since i dont believe it's required for a non DoC spec. If there is any advice someone is willing to give to help with my dps I would love to hear it .

    Thank you for your time,


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    I'd would recommend going for Hit and Exp cap, even if you do not use DoC and wouldn't risk to miss a stack imo Ferals rely on spells to be casted at the right moment especially for the extra dps. If you are not using DoC i would sugest Heart of the Wild... Reasons being it is slightly better then NV considering the dps throughput also you'll have a very strong Tranq to support the raid with(Even if you top DPS it will be a waste if you wipe because of low healing aye?), And HotW also provides very strong AoE with Hurricane during the proc.

    Looking at your logs... You had four ranks that season so that is not really bad at all, Considering you are comparing yourself to Arcane Mages it is really tough considering if they made the same effort as i see you do imo the gap should not be as close as it is... However Stone Guards you seemed to have Rakes up on your targets tried to keep Rip up and you used a few Bites. Just a note there that as not alot of us know Thrash is very hige DPET by that fact considering you will spread it between more targets i'd say trying to get some more Thrashes going out and you might see an increase. On feng i see that you could probably workout a few more % uptime on Rake other then that it seems alright in my eyes other then Wrath? Why?

    In short: Get Hit Cap, look more into bleed uptime looking at your Feng log and maybe try some more Thrashes on Stone like before you pop TF when you get OoC procs when you maybe want to clip a Rip you name it... Also i'd strongly recommend since you are aiming to top your charts go DoC or HotW.

    Whit love Etapic :-)
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    First of all thank you for your response Etapic, always have admired your knowledge of the feral world

    Quote Originally Posted by Etapicx View Post
    other then Wrath? Why?
    lol great question!
    During epic center we have the barrier dropped in the middle of the circle/room, and since i cannot melee from there i try and pop out a couple wraths so i dont have as much downtime, i was unaware that HotW was an increase, if that's the case i will definately change that. I will reforge tonite to get hit/exp capped. I really try to use thrash on OoC procs, but i miss it or already have something qued and "waste" the proc on something else, this happens more than i would like. Since thrash is such a high DPE ability is it worth keeping up even if you dont have an OoC proc?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magink View Post
    Since thrash is such a high DPE ability is it worth keeping up even if you dont have an OoC proc?
    I'm not to sure but Aggixx was working on something on simulationcraft with a "rule" to maintain Thrash and it was indeed an increase but we don't know how it will effect our gameplay... So for now the rules is on OoC procs and on 5th Combo Point if you are energy pooling if Thrash is not up or has lower then 7 second duration is also worth to mention.
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    I was under the impression that NV was indeed better than HotW on a fight where you'd only use the passive 6% agi. Keep in mind you have bloodlust/potion during your NV burst as well as making it possible to set up for an amazing execute rip. Don't discount the 100k damage from PS proc(s) and NS either.
    It also has nice use on a fight like garalon or WotE hc, where the healing it does can pretty much count as a cooldown. It heals for insane amounts.

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    The differences are not really a lot and of course your usage of the different talents and the encounter will change it but generally when i'm not using DoC i'm using HotW because if i would aim for DPS i's always go for DoC and for Tranq utility HotW or strong AoE.
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