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    i've been drinking a lot of the pink elephant lately (delirium tremens)

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    Ah a topic on something very near and dear to my heart; beer!

    When it comes to styles of beer I am usually open to trying them all. Of the styles I've sampled I am a fan of most American IPAs, porters, some stouts, most ESBs, and most Belgian styles (dubbels, tripels, Belgian IPAs) Normally there isn't a beer I won't like but I have come across a few that I just cannot finish. Saisons are a little too barnyard funky for me. Some barleywines and imperial stouts are too strong in flavor to finish. For example, I cannot put my finger on it but there are some imp. stouts that have an almost "soy sauce" taste to them and I find that unpalatable in a beer.

    I always try new beer, whether it is a new style of beer or a new brewery's take on a familiar style.

    That all being said I do have some local go-to brews. Pyramid's Outburst Imperial IPA, Ninkasi's Total Domination IPA, New Belgium's Ranger IPA, Sierra Nevada's Torpedo IPA, and Elysian's; The Immortal IPA, Prometheus IPA, Mens Room Red

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    Quote Originally Posted by TradewindNQ View Post
    European posters have an advantage because most liquor stores near me think the only thing anyone drinks in the EU is Guinness so it's all they ever really have for "imports."

    One store used to get a good selection in but now it's run by a local supermarket instead and they sell nothing but shit.
    When I last went to New York, I went in a bar and cried when I saw the imported beers were Stella Artois and Carling >.<

    I did, however, find a few nice bars in the Bronx after I went to fall asleep watching the New York Yankees play.

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    It's an AMAZING wheat beer, simply delicious. A bit pricey, since it's a german import, but well worth it as I don't drink to get drunk, I drink to enjoy the beer.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lohe View Post
    If you're semi-hardcore or semi-casual what's the other half? To me, they're both the same thing.
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    As my preference changes regularly, I can't pick a favorite. For a time, I'll be into lagers, then switch and prefer ales, etc. etc.

    I've found that heavily marketed beers typically aren't that good, excepting maybe for Sam Adams which is decent. But overall, I think I tend to gravitate toward microbrews.

    Right now, I'm heavily into Porters. Problem is, the selection of porters where I shop is limited to two brands. But at least I can get one.

    If I'm at the pub, I always start off with a black & tan, which is really the only way to get it. Tend to prefer darker beers like Guinness & Black Lagers (proving you can't go wrong with chocolate).

    English Stout Bitter's are also pretty darn are a lot of stouts. I'd love to go to England and try a real bitter.

    I don't understand where there are so many IPA's on the market. They're okay, but the shelf space needs a wider selection where I shop. Seems like every darn brand has an IPA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    Let's keep this on track. This has nothing to do with breasts.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tennisace View Post
    Dude we are a world leader in refugee intake. You need to get your facts straight.

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    Stella but my favorite beer if I'm looking for slightly cheaper alcohol is coors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiyoko View Post
    Tripel karmeliet , Gouden carolus tripel , st Bernardus abt 12 , Chimay blue ... a good kriek or hoegaarden in the summer , so many damn fine beers in Belgium it's hard to make a list.
    Tripel Karmeliet is godly, one of my favourite beers. Belgian beer in general is phenomenal.

    Have you tried the Rochefort Trappistes beers? They're to die for, especially the 8 and 10 versions.

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    Mostly Heineken and Amstel, but i like the occasional Corona and Red Stripe (jamaican beer) as well.

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    Myself i prefer hertog jan, also their 'bock beer' is really good!

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    I've lived in South Carolina, North Carolina, New Jersey and Alaska. I've also driven across country twice and driven through some of Canada. Out of all of those places and all of the different beers that I have had the pleasure of trying I would have to say that my favorite is Alaskan Amber. I still can not get the desire for that beer out of my head. I remember exactly how it taste and I am disappointed every time I try an ALT style beer that isn't close to it.

    A pitcher of cold Alaskan Amber went down so smooth and sat just right in my stomach.

    I love all kinds of beers but this one is the one beer I will likely never get to drink again and will think about for a very long time.
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    I'm really enjoying Scottish beers right now -- Orkney and Traquair especially.

    However, I did spend a week up in Waterbury, VT on a Winter vacation and I've been ruined. Talk about an amazing place for beer lovers.

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    This is a local microbrewery beer made of fir.

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    Stella...hands down! We are forced to drink Efes(don't try it, it's shit) in Turkey but I found chance to try few European beers in Northern Cyprus...delicious!
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    I like mine cold to the point just before chunks start to form. Doesn't have to be any brand in particular, just that it's cold. God forbid I'm drinking pisswarm beer then it has to be Corona or Sofiero.
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    Anything from the Wychwood brewery really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoky View Post
    Grolsch! The true beer of the Dutch! If you ever get to the Netherlands get one of those fancy ladies in the big green bottle.(A 'beugel')

    Screw that fancy Heineken, it taste like lemonade and drinks like Lemonade!

    And if you go for the real beer, I think I will take a Belgian Duvel <3 Nom nom!
    There is one HUGE problem though.
    Any true brewmaster will tell you to NEVER put beer in either green or clear bottles. There's something with the photosynthesis. Light filtered through green glass (or unfilitered through clear glass) is said ruins the chemical consistency of beer. Altering the taste. Essentially ruining the beer. Beer should be in either kegs (nothing beats wooden kegs for that matter), or if in bottles, those ought to be brown or black (no light through whatsoever).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saegno View Post
    Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier truly is amazing, it's earned a permanent place near the top of my list of favorites. Their Korbinian (doppelbock) isn't far behind, and damn it pairs well with so many types of food.

    Quote Originally Posted by link4117 View Post
    I enjoy a good Sam Adam's Oktoberfest...
    I think it's passable (as is Leinenkugel's) -- but after spoiling myself with Ayinger and Paulaner (the Märzen is superior to the Wiesn, which still isn't bad), it's kind of hard to go back. I think those two are best-in-class, at least for what's available locally.

    Quote Originally Posted by link4117 View Post
    Leinenkugel Honey Weiss is a favorite of mine too. Honestly I'm not too adventurous with my choices though
    Leinenkugel's rarely gets any respect from the die-hard crowd (probably because Miller owns the company), but I still maintain that their Sunset Wheat is greatly underappreciated. Summer Shandy is quite nice on a summer afternoon as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badpaladin View Post
    Have you tried Stone's Enjoy By IPA's?

    They will change your damn life. I have never had a brew as fresh as this before, and still have yet to find something match it. It's hard to get though, so I typically just stick with their standard IPA series.
    Unfortunately it doesn't look like I can get it in Florida. Shame. I always want to try new Stone beers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeltrusDisc View Post
    Oooooh, IPAs eh? Have you tried the Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA or Founders Devil Dancer Triple IPA?
    I actually think 90 Minute is way more balanced than 120 unless you can sit on 120 for a year. Plus I can't stand the shit storm that happens when it's released locally. My favorite bars become unbearably crowded.

    I know where some Hopslam is, but upon going to the store they said they haven't put it in the system yet so they couldn't sell it to me. Gotta check back Monday, but of course I wanted it so I could drink some this weekend. >:|
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