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    Honestly, I don't have an "absolute" fav over all the other brews... Usually I just want my beer(s) cold and I'm good As of late I've been into various bitter, unfiltered or rye-based beers.

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    Wisby Weisse, swedish wheat beer. Falcon Raw is really nice too.

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    It's a toss-up between Belhaven Best or Newcastle Brown Ale

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    Oh man, I have to pick one?

    To be honest, I tend to switch favorites every now and again. Czech beer (Staropramen and Zlatopramen especially) is always good stuff. Currently the one brand I buy the most is Samuel Adams (preferrably boston ale or black lager), because it has a very rich taste without being overly expensive for an all-purpose beer.

    My all-time "special-occasions" favorite however would be Rochefort.

    It's a brand of trappist (a certain monastery order) beer. The taste is absolutely wonderful, however it's a tad hard to get your hands on due to limited stocks brewed per year (but not as expensive as it potentially could be, because it's made non-profit). Just be careful not to get piss drunk too fast if you find a place selling it, because it ranges from 7.5 to 11.3% ABV and you don't really notice the ethanol because of all the flavours.
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    Heineken, Irish ales.

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    Any ale called Penny Black by Wickwar. So so good.
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    I now sell alcohol for a wholesaler in the UK, having worked in a charity that helps addicts it's quite the change :P

    My favourite beers:

    Black Sheep Golden Sheep - great Yorkshire golden ale
    Wrexham Lager - Craft lager which is fantastic (Heston has it in his restuarant in London if you need a marker)
    Brewdog Punk IPA - Better on draught


    Old Speckled Hen
    Viru (an Estonian lager which is very difficult to find but well worth it!)
    Blue Moon
    Brooklyn Lager
    Fruli (Again, better from tap)
    St Stefanus
    Vedett Extra White
    Modelo Especial
    Goose Island Honkers
    Estrella Damm (they now have a gluten free variant: Daura)
    Kirin Ichiban

    I do like some more "mainstream" beers like Stella Artois Black (premium version of the normal stuff) but for taste the above will always come ahead for me

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    Normally I hate the taste of beer. However the one beer I have drank that I do like is Guiness... Mind you I havent tried many.
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    I like many kinds of beer, but there are certain brands that come to mind like the seasonal Great Lakes, Yuengling and various IPA in the US; the Australian Foster's; various local Brews in Germany like Koelsch; lots of British brews like Guiness or some of the Amber Ales, and there is ofc Belgium. You just gotta be lucky to have the right beer at the right moment :P, e.g. you wouldn't want to have a Guiness at the Beach, nor would you drink a Koelsch while reading a good book.

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    Leinikugle is the best. Both their Summer Shandy and Honey Wheat

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    I actually dont enjoy many of the Fancier beers most people enjoy. I like Domestic US beers like PBR, Blue Moon, and Yuengling

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    Corona is the only beer I'll drink.

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    Dos Equis - XX Amber or Pyramid Screwball (it's a spring micro brew for the start of baseball season)

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    Stella Artois

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    Im a girl so i like kriek or hoegaarde rosé which are known here as wijven bier or chick beer. I also like a gulden draak every once in a while
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    Chicago beer, suckah.

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    pow !!! def !

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    Beer tastes horrid, and acquired taste... sadly i have acquired it but i dont drink so its moot :P

    Anyway when i did drink... ruby one but rarely much prefered liquors i made (or bought) and wine mixes (hypocrass, sangria, dislike wine by itself shit is nasty)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spectral View Post
    Hopslam is pretty damned good. So are Third Coast and Two Hearted. Bell's is a delight.
    Hopslam and Two-hearted are definitely my favorite. Love the bitter taste of a good IPA.

    Been to their brewery a few times, was a treat.
    My undergrad alma mater was Central Michigan, so during Central/Western weekends, friends and I definitely made it a point to visit the brewery in Kalamazoo.

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    Local beer from the Faroes

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