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    Beer vs Wine

    What's better

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    More of a beer guy myself, however:

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    Beer covers more of the taste spectrum than wine and I think beer can taste so much better, but it all depends on what the product will be used for.

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    I'll be honest - I prefer the taste of wine to beer. I can sit down and enjoy a good glass of wine for its flavour any day, can't say I'd say the same about beer. If I'm out socialising I find beer easier to drink, and doesn't leave me with a monstrous hangover! However, I can enjoy a good quality cider too. Alas, I'm a big Whiskey man at heart.

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    Disregarding all cheap lagers, definitely beer over wine right now. There are so many wonderful brews, totally underestimated by the Bud-chugging masses.

    Ale is #1 atm, both Brown and Pale of all sorts.

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    I'll be honest, I'm too intimidated by wine snobbists that I don't know what to buy so never really tried it.

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    They're two completely different beverages, so both. Because there's a time for wine, and a time for beer, and those don't overlap much.
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    Answer: Neither! Never have, never will.
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    Wine to me tastes like shit I can't stand it and have never had one I could stand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Symphonic View Post
    Answer: Neither! Never have, never will.
    Should, it's good for your health.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vindicatorx View Post
    Wine to me tastes like shit I can't stand it and have never had one I could stand.
    There are so many types of wine that I find your comment ridiculous. I for one don't care so much for red wines. I don't like the tones.

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    Other than their relatively low alcohol content, beer and wine have very little in common.

    I enjoy wine but have never been able to get myself to enjoy beer. The best I can get is some of the more high quality beers are tolerable. But I don't pay for a drink to find it tolerable so I just skip the beer.

    On a side note, I always think it's funny that beer drinking guys scoff at martinis as drinks because beer is manly. Given that a martini has like 3 times the alcohol content of a beer, it's a strange statement to make.

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    Beer is good with food, thirst and getting drunk on, tho i like different beers for the situation.
    Wine i only drink as a flavor to add to dinners with good meat.

    What is best? Everything has its time to shine.

    But if you want something really good you should try Cognac Hennessy. Very good with icetea and lemon on the rocks, but works just great without anything.

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    Completely apples and oranges.

    I like them both greatly, but will find myself, 8/10 times, wanting a glass of wine. Generally less filling, and it typically pairs better with food.

    Everyone's different though. There are outstanding and atrocious examples of both, that's for sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vindicatorx View Post
    Wine to me tastes like shit I can't stand it and have never had one I could stand.
    Gewurztraminer or a Lumbrusco, also some aperitif like Pineau des Charentes.
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    Definitely wine! I'm not expert and I'm sure there are tons of wines I'd love but haven't tried. Usually though dry full reds wine like Cab, Merlot, or Malbec are my favs. I don't like Shiraz or Pinot Noir. Cheap shiraz is like taking a gulp of pepper and Pinot isn't full bodied enough for me. The exception to this is that I once split a $300 bottle of Shiraz with a friend one night. That was an excellent wine, lol! Zinfandel is OK, the real one not the pink monstrosity, but vastly prefer the first 3.

    I had a lemon IPA once that was really good and I can drink a light beer that doesn't really taste like beer occasionally. I enjoy Vodka and the occasional 7&7 but in general I despise any Whiskey related liquor.

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    Beer makes you fat eventually. But tastes great, if you have access to good bier (I prever Weihenstephan's). Red wine, I heard, can be good for you (in reasonable quantities). There's some good tasting and quality wines out there too (just need to spend some time and find them).
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    Beer when im out on town,

    Wine when Im at home with the folks, when Im home in the summer, me the old man, and a family friend who stays over, we sit down chat, and drink through 3-5 bottles a night,

    Really doesn't affect me, just a dry throat a few hours after drinking it, hang over? nope, maybe because when I drink wine, we eat well, idk it just doesnt touch me like the equivalent would in beer

    Mind you saying that, I can drink a lot, went out last saturday, was traveling back sunday morning, so I couldn't have much, but yea, went out with my mates, matched them for drinks, they bought me more, they stopped, I kept going, got back to theirs at 3 30 am, they were out of it could barley pick up a glass of water, Im there eating my kebab tidy like and chatting to one of their mothers, and their like how does this happen every time

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    Wine feels so heavy; it just sits in my stomach. Beer all the way.
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    Hmm....tough choice, I like the end, though, a really nice brew of beer would win out for me....I think a good ale would be my favorite (I also like Guinness). I think wine is a harder thing for people to get to like, it's hard to find a starting point (I would recommend a white zin) and as someone who has tried a lot of wines, a lot of them taste like the cough syrup shit I used to gag down when I was sick as a child.

    As far as health, yeah, beer is pretty much not good for you at all. Wine (or certain types of it anyways) are actually really good for you if you drink a glass here and there, it's pretty much better you drink them than not drinking alcohol at all from what I've heard.

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    Both! Wines and beers cover a wide range of tastes, there's something for every palate.

    Set up a wine tasting and beer tasting and see for yourself.

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