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    Constant crashes when loading into instances.

    Tried posting on the technical support WoW forum and have received no responses. I'm posting here in the hopes of better luck.

    I am having constant issues with crashes any time I go into a BG, Arena, Scenario, or Instance. They happen in bursts, one moment I could be fine doing a bunch of whatever. The next I'm DCing or crashing. And once it starts, it doesn't stop for hours. And to make it worse, almost every time this happens when I log back in I have deserter debuff and am kicked out of whatever I was doing. This started with MoP and has been getting progressively worse. Now it's starting to happen with just hearthing.

    I've done google searches for similar issues, the main solution I find is a vid card not being supported, but I've checked and my card is supported and I updated the driver just to be sure.

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    Which version of Direct X are you currently running? Some video cards are having issues with the latest version, and we're seeing reports that if a person downgrades to DX9 that may resolve the issue. Feel free to PM me as needed.

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    Not at home to try this, but wanted to say thanks for the response. I've been worried I might not ever get an answer. I want to say I have 10 but I'll have to check when I get home.

    I'll edit this once I can test it later when I try this.

    EDIT: So, I was using 11, now down to 9, already I'm loading in faster than before, I'm betting this solution is going to work for me. Thanks a ton Araxom ^_^
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    Sounds kind of like what was happening to a few raiders in my guild last night. Only difference is they wouldn't dc when running into an instance, but they would dc whenever they were resurrected in raid.

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    Awesome, good to know all is well!
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    just did a bunch of arenas and a few PvE instances, had a few with an unsettling long load time, but other than that, no issues at all. Lowering to 9 seems to have done it, thanks a ton ^_^

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    UPDATE: It helped but there seems to be more going on, it's doing it again, but it's not happening every day like it used to.

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    hmm - if it's still happening, it might not hurt to send in your diagnostics with the report of how you swapped back to DX9. Once you have those submitted in a ticket, please PM me and I'll be happy to also take a look.

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