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    Stam: Panda or Tauren

    Hey guys,

    I was wondering which racial ability gives more HP, Tauren 5% of base HP or Panda (double food buff 275/300 stam) ??

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    Please take this into your consideration, if you die, and that could happen as a tank, you will use your food buff.

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    Tauren would be my guess, scales with gear acting all crazy n shit.

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    i would go for the tauren. that way you get stam and are able to use other food buffs than stam ex. parry, dodge , mastery ( for tanking ) - beside that, your professions also matters - mining adds more stamina etc. - tanking isnt all about hp, you have to make the perfect mix of stats.

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    Tauren is not 5% more stamina, and it's definitely not more stamina with gear. It's 5% flat, base health (~7.3k health). Warstomp is barely even worth it too (shares DR with all other stuns), though it has its place.

    Panda on the other hand has bouncy for fall damage (in case you, for whatever reason, can't charge / leap back to safety). And of course, the food buff, which is 900 stamina (450 base). Quaking Palm is a unique form of CC for warriors, as they don't have a gouge effect.

    Stamina is mostly pointless, so double effect on foods for ratings (ie: mastery) is going to get a lot more mileage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kadde111 View Post
    Tauren would be my guess, scales with gear acting all crazy n shit.
    Tauren Racial does not scale with gear. It's base %, as in what it is with no gear on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cernunnos View Post
    Tauren Racial does not scale with gear. It's base %, as in what it is with no gear on.
    Aha! My bad.

    Thats just terrishit then.

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    go panda. even if tauren would end up with the same amount of hp. going to dps will net you more str as dps instead of the almost useless stam for dps.

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    and don't forget, stam food is 375/415. not 275/300

    after all, the racials are so incredible minor... go for the looks.

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    Panda has better animations and is more aesthetically pleasing due to higher polygon count as well, if you are a vain person. I'd say for the other classes you could get the aoe silence from BELF which is not too bad, but then you'd be a BELF, eww. Troll has the +5% beast dmg, berserking which is somewhat useful and movement impair reduction. Orc has an extra trinket and perhaps expertise depending your weap. Undead are probably the least useful tank class unless you can somehow cannibalize something mid-raid and get that 40% or 35% hp or what it is. And then you have goblin, everyones least favorite tanking race, rocket jump might be good if you need to get to some adds, other than that, pretty bad.

    I'd probably choose Orc, Panda or BELF.

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    I went for Goblin, haste is supergreat for warr tank! ..err well only rolled Goblin cause it was new and refreshing back then when it came.

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    If you're not in a top end-game raiding it doesnt even matter, just get the class that appeals the most to you.

    If you are (eg Paragon Method Bloodlegion etc) type of raider, get Tauren/Panda > personaly i would go Panda

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