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    How could i make money ?


    I have an atypical goal in the game - i want to reach about 1 million gold, in order to buy a Corrupted Ashbringer from the black market for my Death Knight.
    But ... HOW ?
    I mean, my jobs are blacksmithing & mining, i actually sell tons of ghost iron bars.
    I used to sell Living Steel belt buckles, but it costs 400 golds on my serv, like the Living Steel. I need 6 trillium bars in order to create a living steel ingot, one trillium bar costs about 80 golds on auction house, that means that it's more profitable to sell the trillium bars, than it is to trensform it into living steel and forge belt buckles.
    I farm between 100-200 ghost iron bars (1 bar = 2 minerals) per day, thoses bars costs around 120 & 150 golds, depending on the auction house activity.

    I heard that many players have more than 1 million gold but ...

    HOW ?
    Do you use a bot ?
    Are you buying golds ?
    I don't get it, even gems are cheaper than ever, it's actually not profitable to prospect ghost iron and craft/sell the gems in it, i checked all the game's profession, and i have no idea about how is it supposed to get that much golds...
    Any idea ?

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    1) Don't use bots, you'll get banned.
    2) Don't buy gold illegally. If you have the money, buy items on blizzards site that you can resell on the AH. Or if you are super rich, multibox which is not considered illegal, speed up killing things.

    Other than that, watch what you spend. Save. Daily tiller farming, professions, buy low sell high, + alts = $$$$. but most importantly: save.

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    I'm at a million, but have been "casually" getting there since late wrath. I have invested in some gold sinks along the way (100k Yak mount). No botting, no buying gold. Just watching the AH, buying items on saturday/sunday/mondays and re-selling on tues/weds/thurs. Everyday I make all three leg armors (I buy the hides) and use my farm to collect 16 spirits everyday. Rinse repeat. I haven't had much luck with JC this expansion. Buy your "raid items" at the end of the week when they are at their cheapest (don't wait minutes before raid to buy potions... and always find an alchemist with whatever mastery to make your flasks/potions to save gold).

    I also have two 85's with alchemy/enchanting/tailoring. I mainly use the enchanting, and while I cannot get the weapon enchants for my 85 alts, I can buy the mats and sell all the mop enchants on the AH for a profit. Just learn the prices of dust/essences/shards/whatever.

    Use an auction mod. I personally use Auctionator. Great for undercutting (you need to... I just undercut by 1 copper). Cancel auctions and re-list. I also use a mailbox addon, Postal - for the ease of "1 click" and removes everything from your box.
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    Do dailies, + use your professions. Getting to 1 mil will take you some time though, nothing something that just happens in a week or two, unless of course you're lucky like that.

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    If you truly want to go for 1 mill gold I'd try to play the auction house. It also wouldn't hurt if you had gotten alts with professions on them so you have all professions.

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    Use tradeskillmaster addon and see which items are profitable to craft. Older mounts are always profitable especially, like choppers and flying machines. Not sure about MOP mounts, too much competition usually.

    My gold making blog
    Your journey towards the gold cap!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigfootbigd View Post
    1) Don't use bots, you'll get banned.
    A guy that used to be in my guild has been proudly botting for years, still not banned or caught (even though I personally reported him as did many others).

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    i just made a lot of gold doing this -

    if you play on a high pop server with a cheap AH, buy battle pets off the AH, and then resell them on a more expensive server. ive been doing this for a while now, buying pets on my main server for 1kish and then selling on my alts server for upwards of 10k.
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