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    Official Aussie server?

    My server is dead now and Im not buying gems to transfer cause it will cost like $30. Can I guest on more than one server at a time? I dont have a job now and school doesnt start back for me until Fall so I can be online at any time. I think right now is Aussie prime time so would like to play on their official server when I cant sleep or my Dog wakes me up at 5-6AM and I cant go back to sleep so theres more people. Then guest on a normal US server when its closer to our prime time. So could someone help me out? Whats the Aussie server and whats a very high populated server for US EST timezone so no matter when I play theres always people online. My server use to be very populated with WvW quees in the hours and always getting sent to overflow zones along with towns being crowded...now theres just no one around even prime time last night I think maybe I saw 7 people in town and out leveling. Just want to play on a server where I actually see people since it will make doing zone events easier.

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    I believe Sea of Sorrows is the Aussie server.

    I'm on JQ and it's definitely high activity during US primetime, can't really vouch for other servers.

    And this is assuming server population doesn't affect guesting, because both of these servers are "full"

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