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    Power word shield: reflective shield

    Does anyone know if the reflect dmg works on raid members? It does say you but you can also mean that the raid member who gets the shield will reflect 45% of what he absorbs even though its my shield?

    Anyone tested it because it could mean a dps boost for the raid dps?

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    In WotlK and Cata it procced only from Shield that you cast on yourself.
    I didnt test it in MoP, because its useless even if it procced from all shields.

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    dps boost is a bit too much i guess
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    ATM I'm just looking for a way to make disc a little more fun, cleared 9/16 hc now and have a fuck ton of mana left on all the fights, even tryed chanting to int flask and trinket, and as a shield absorbs 120k then it should reflect 54k dmg which could be nice if there is aoe inc that's roughly 500k DMV raid wise if I shield the whole raid.

    Problem is these days I healed MSV hc 6/6 yesterday and most of the fights just dpsing is enought to keep the raid up, so trying to find something new to do!

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    tbh even though you're fine with mana other glyphs are much more useful. just not worth it.

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    From Wowhead:

    Elleen on 2012/09/12 (Patch 5.0.5)
    Tested this today, it still only affects shields the priest puts on themselves, friendly shields on other targets do not reflect damage.
    Let me instead recommend speccing into mindbender and using it on cd, and glyphs of smite, holy fire & penance. You can also fill out your dps by using SW:P.

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    I used it as a shadow glyph on Garalon. There wasn't another glyph I needed and it did like half a million damage throughout the fight.
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