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    Key Bindings for a PvP Destro warlock


    I play a Destro warlock on Kil'jaeden and dont have any key bindings set up for him. This has started to become an issue in improving my skill mostly in PvP but also PvE. Because i click with my mouse it limits my gameplay and speed of attack. It would really help me if some of you more skilled players could help give me some help on what to key bind to be efficient with my hand movement.

    Please post what your keybindings are for your destro lock for pvp!

    Also to incorporate shift and alt function into your keybindings!

    Thanks for your help, i really appreciate the feedback to help me improve my gameplay and hopefully others that may need the extra pointers

    Timotheus - Kil'Jaeden
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    I use everything within the area of 1-5-b-z constantly along with shift modifiers, while keeping WASD/QE for movement, B-C-X-Z for bags/char/sit/unsheathe wpn.
    Rest is bound to abilitys, less usefull on 6-8 (along with S 6-8)I use KB like R for Fear with a Mouseover macro

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    as for the shift modifier does it bind to the second page on your action bar?

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    Personally I've never been very comfortable with using the number keys for abilties, so I've rebound all of mine. I use my main abilities on Q, E, R, F, G, T, C, V. For defensives/healing I use S-C, S-V, S-F, S-T, S-R. For curses I use scroll up/scroll down. For the rest of my abilites I use my naga mouse.

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    Move with your mouse and you open up so many keys. (I still keep q and e as strafe so that I can strafe with one finger while the others are free to DPS with nearby keys)
    Get rid of bindings that you don't need in a hurry, like bags, character pane, talent pane etc.
    Get an action bar add on so that you can get more action bars.

    I have main spells on 1-9. Damage buffs on 10-12. For Fire and brimstone I use alt as a modifier on each spell to enable FnB then hit the spell. With careful timing this seems to work the best for me
    teleport and movement increase type things on the f keys (right above the # keys on my laptop) Also Fear with mods, Banish and Mount

    w is fell flame
    T is CoE with targeting modifiers
    R is mortal coil or shadow fury
    y is RoF (or Seed with SB modifiers)
    u, i, o are mouseover targets for con flag, imm, incin (so if Im strafing with q or e I can target and dps with right hand while left hand strafes) or Corr, UA, AG

    A is situational target macros (example: /tar celestial protector)
    s,d,f are various havoc macros (situational, target with alt focus mod, mouseover)
    z,c are various shadowburn macros (target with alt focus mod, mouseover)
    v,b,n,m pet commands
    right side lower keys are damage mitigation (UR, HS, DB etc.)

    G is soulstone
    H is soul shatter.

    Flames of Xoroth is Shift/Spacebar

    I tried a Naga but it just wasn't for me. I use a logitech with two side buttons that I strafe with. In a rare pinch I'll click on something but I feel it's a best to use left hand to find spells while right hand moves. I'm a bass player though, so my finger spread may be a bit more then most people.

    Experiment to find what works for you.
    Keep a similar set up for all your toons
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    my key binds are 1-4, Q-R, A-D, Z and X, with shift, control and alt modifiers for each. I use the mouse for movement with side buttons for strafing.

    I think action bar 'pages' that you mentioned are largely pointless, if you go into interface and display bottom left, bottom right, and the two right-sided action bars there should be enough space for any and every keybind you need. I remember struggling a lot at first to use different keybinds but it becomes natural so quickly you'll forget you ever played any other way.
    -in 5 man dungeons, Arms Warriors again are the weakest link in the chain as they require 3X amount of healing as other classes and therefore die much more frequently and receive less healing in general, as with the amount of mana spent to keep an Arms Warrior alive the healer can heal all other members and himself.

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    This is a very subjective matter because none of us use the keyboard the same way. Things like finger length and width may matter, as well as being right/left-handed... etc

    I'm left-handed, and as such I couldn't adapt to the standard WASD, so I just remapped my whole keybinds, everything is changed. This is how I play if it helps:

    Movement keys:
    - J = Strafe left
    - K = Move forward, ALT+K = autorun
    - L = Strafe right

    I never move backwards.

    Abilities and spells:
    H___Ñ (which is ; if I recall well on English keyboards)

    And then I remapped my keyboard ALT GR to simple ALT and viceversa. So with my right thumb I have access to an ALT modifier without twisting my hand XD. ALT modify all my spells to others. I've managed to keybind every single spell of my chars.

    then, ´ accent (which is the right one of my right pinky when in standard hand position) is to target mobs and ` (the one above it) to target PvP enemies.

    Character pane, talent pane, bags, and all that stuff are keybound on the numerical keyboard.

    And that's it.

    Hope it helps

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    My advice is to start slowly and work your way to more keybinds. If you try to bind everything at once, learning it is going to suck. Defensive cooldowns are always good to start with cuz when you need those you need them NOW. Shadowfury is a must have for keybinds as well, otherwise its just too slow.

    then, ´ accent (which is the right one of my right pinky when in standard hand position) is to target mobs and ` (the one above it) to target PvP enemies.
    there is an addon called SmartTargeting that swaps that keybind for you whenever you go into a pvp area. Tab swaps between enemy players and all enemies
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