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    [H] Moral Decay - Sunstrider - 25m - 3/6hc MV, 6/6 HoF, ToES 4/4 Recruiting!

    Hello everyone,

    Moral Decay is an english speaking PvE guild and we’ve been here on Sunstrider since vanilla (the 6th of May 2005).

    We are raiding on the following main days while progressing: wed/thu/sun/ all 25 man raids and depending on content we clear stuff on 10 man mondays

    Many of our current members - including the officers - have been in Moral Decay since the beginning, thus creating a very stable guild. For 25mans we use the fair EPGP system (thanks Aphorism) to distribute loot. In 10mans we are using rolls.

    What do we expect from you?
    •Extensive knowledge of your class and your role in 25-man raids (our requirements to personal skill are pretty tough). This also means reading up on the theoretical side of things.

    •Time to join 2-3 raids per week.

    •Raiding time from 20.00 till 23.30 (EP ticks start from 19.30).

    •Time to farm elixirs, potions, flasks and other consumables.

    •A working microphone.

    •We don't have any set gear requirements, though we expect you to show an intelligent choice of gear, talents, gemming and enchants.

    •Always strive to improve as a player. This includes the ability to accept critizism and suggestions.

    In return you'll become a part of a friendly, fun and mature environment. We're not desperate and we have pretty steep requirements to any potential applicant so please, put some time into your application. Please note that we normally only accept applicants at age 18 or higher, though exceptions has been made.

    Also it should be emphasized. No matter how good a player you are - You will NOT be accepted if you are not also very mature, friendly, polite and hard working. We have a really nice gaming environment and it only takes one person to destroy that, which is something we care a lot about preserving.

    Please visit moral.dk to either post an application on our forum, or if you prefer discretion, PM it to Ghòst. If you have additional questions PM a member ingame to get directed to the correct class leader or officer.

    Currently we are recruiting:

    druid (balance)


    monk (tank)

    paladin (holy)

    priest (healer)


    shaman (elemental)

    shaman (enhancement)


    warrior (protection)

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    Our website moral.dk is back online!

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    Accepted 5 apply's but we are still looking for more! So dont wait and apply now!

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    Killed Elegon hc last sunday.

    Current progress now: 4/6 hc MV.

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    Bump, we are still looking for more players

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    Killed Spirit Kings hc yesterday.

    Current progress: 5/6 hc MV.

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