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    Great... we just got here and now they want to leave. Ungrateful little... "Alas, I do not have anymore of my precious elixir. These trolls though may be the distraction we need." Oliver thought for a moment about trying to defend the Horde outpost. What good would that do? He would be attacked the moment the trolls were stopped for helping these Alliance brats. Lately, the guards in Arathi were being switched slowly out from Forsaken guards to Orc ones loyal to Garrosh. They hated the Forsaken simply for being 'alive' even though they were allies.

    The Sergeant saw the hesitation in the Alchemist's hollowed eyes and spoke up in Gutterspeak, "These scum do not deserve our help but we cannot let Hamerfall fall to these feral trolls. We should do... I don't know... something." His words were true. This was still an important position for the Dark Lady and letting it fall would be a grave mistake. It took a few moments but Oliver formulated a plan that would both help the Horde civilization and allow them to escape mostly unnoticed. "We have to get by the trolls but we cannot let Hammerfall get destroyed in the process. Bad for the Horde and Alliance if these trolls take such a strong position so close to Alterac Valley."Oliver pointed to the top of a nearby mountain. "If we have enough of an explosion we should be able to loosen the rocks and squish a large majority of the war party. The biggest problem will be getting up there..." Oliver's words trailed off and awaited someone to volunteer themselves for such a job. If any of those rocks land on Hammerfall, I'm not gonna be held responsible. Let these Alliance pricks take the glory.
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    "Let that be my mission then." spoke Teledor. "This is too dangerous!" objected Milly, but he simply ignored her "There is none other among us that is more suitable than me. I can fly up there and place some explosives. I can even provide something more disastrous.". Forsaken sergeant handed Teledor some of the explosives which he had recovered earlier at the tunnel entrance. Teledor turned into a mighty raven and grabbed the pack of explosives with his claws, then pushed himself to his limits to fly to the rocky edge. Rest of the group covered behind the rocks and watched him fly up. A few moments later he managed to reach his destination. Shifting into night elven form, he carefully grabbed the explosives and laid them down in a line. "Now to spice things up a bit.." he murmured as he jumped towards a higher formation of rocks. He stood up, looked down below the fighting, then he looked back at the explosives. "This better do the trick." he said and raised his arms. He began channeling a strong spell to conjure up an arcane storm. A few clouds gathered above the ridge and arcane lightnings cackled in the air. Then, one by one they began hitting the rocks, lighting up the explosives with their impact. Teledor lost both his focus and balance and merely managed to hold the edge of the rock he was standing on as a huge explosion followed his spell. A large avalance of rocks slided down the hill and smashed on the troll warband.

    "That's it. Let's move while we have the chance." said Faolan and moved out, his men followed him without hesitation. Rest of the party falled in and followed them through the chaos.

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