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    Lightbulb [BIO]: Bladeroth

    Name: Bladeroth of the Light

    Age: 26

    Race: Human

    Language: Common

    Class: Paladin

    Faction: none

    Personality: Quiet, mysterious, confident, friendly when in good moods, doesn't talk much.

    Appearance: Bladeroth has light blue eyes, with spiked blond hair. With a height of 6.1ft, he might appear intimidating to some by just the sight of him (the big muscles help with the intimidating factor, as well.) He wears the 'Lightbringer Raiment' (FULL). He also duel wields 2 'Blazeguard' swords.

    Strengths: Smart, Strong, Quick on his feet, Heavily trained in combat.

    Weaknesses: Surprises (when things don't go as he plans in situations, he often struggles on how to approach the situation differently than planned.) Evil Magic (even with the power of the light, it is sometimes troublesome battling a foe who has "evil/dark magic" (such as a Warlock, or a Death Knight).

    History: Bladeroth grew up in the city of Stormwind - as an orphan in the Stormwind City Orphanage. He didn't fit in with all the other orphans in Stormwind, though. All the other kids enjoyed playing with toys, running and playing outside, etc. Bladeroth was the opposite. He didn't do much playing, or any of the other typical childish activities. He enjoyed praying in the Cathedral of Light, studying "soldiers of the light" (paladins), learning about war, death, conflict, and light. Although he didn't know his parents, or even remember the day he was left outside the Orphanage, abandoned, he had always felt he had a connection to these soldiers who he studied about.

    A few years had passed, and Bladeroth wanted to become a Paladin. His strong passion for justice, retribution, and serving the light - nothing would stop him from achieving his goal of becoming one. So, he went out and spoke too Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker on how to become such a warrior. Grayson put Bladeroth under his wing, and trained him into becoming a Paladin. He learned so much more than he ever did from the books he used to read and study.

    After a few years of training, Bladeroth finally became a Paladin. He had proven himself in every aspect of the class. He then set on a journey across Azeroth - with the objective to extinguish all evil. No matter where he ended up going, he always helped fix problems (problems involving evil, monsters, etc.)

    I'm new to roleplay - if you could please give me some constructive criticism, it would be appreciated, so I can stay as original as possible. I also want to try to make this the best BIO I can possibly make it to be.
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    Welcome to the RP Forums!

    This is a rather solid Bio, but I do have some remarks.

    First of all, on topic names: How does he get his title? I do understand that being orphaned he does not know his last name, But he could as well choose one also. If his title was intended to be a surrogate last name, that would be feasable I guess.

    And concerning your history, it is also rather straight forward, only thing I really see as unusual (which is good) is your paladin is dual wielding. Is there a particular reason for him doing that? Also is there a reason for him to be drawn to the light? You can and should write about his true parents if you know something about them. It does not really matter to your character, of course, since there is no way for him to find out, but for us here, there's no reason not to write about them.

    These are the things that caught my attention for now. As always the more detail you can give, the better.
    I often link the Question collection from our stickies for that purpose, since it has given me countless ideas on details for my Characters.
    I will do so in your Bio too, but please, don't be intimidated by the sheer amount of questions. You don't have to answer them by any means, I just find them helpful for thinking of new things or creative bits to add to a bio, and even think about Aspects of your character you didn't have in mind. So here's your link now: The Roleplaying Q&A

    I hope this helps

    Also a little edit: towards the end of your Bio you wrote he wants to distinguish all evil, i think you meant extinguish.
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    Hi and welcome to the RP forums!

    As Khorianas covered most of the stuff, i will try to give a short comment. Your bio is very good for a starter, only lacks some detail. You can add some stuff so people can easily relate with your character. Details are boring to fill and sometimes hard to remember, but it gives your character the much needed depth, and as you have stated that you aimed for perfection with this bio and originality with this character, you defnitely need depth.

    And, a friendly advice: A guy that does not talk too much is not a very good idea for a rp character Because RP is about interacting wit others. But that is my opinion.

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    Oh, cool! Thanks for the info.

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