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    Quote Originally Posted by lolalola View Post
    This is a hint of the theme being Arthas and WotLK

    It just means the budget will be above $100 million. I find it incredibly unlikely Legendary Pictures or Blizzard has let anyone connected to the media know exactly what the plot it going to be.

    All in all, I wouldn't exact any WoW expansion to be directly adapted since they tend to be continuations of story arcs created in the past. They might be best off if they forgo any direct game adaptation and set it between games.

    Metzen hinted at BlizzCon that the story will be familiar, so I don't think it'll be something completely out of the blue. If I could hazard a guess, I wouldn't be surprised if we have an Of Blood and Honor adaptation. The idea of an old war veteren coming to the realization that the enemy he has fought his entire life is more complex then he had originally believed, all set to the backdrop of the beginning of the scourge destruction of Lordaeron.

    If it's successful enough, it could spawn a sequel beginning with the collapse of Lordaeron from Tirion's perspective and finally end with him rebuilding the Knights of the Silver Hand. If the sequel is successful, then we could have a WotLK adaptation, which could end with a nice flashforward to Tirion as the de facto king in a restored and Argent Crusade controlled Western Lordaeron.
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    I can play this game too!

    Guys I heard that Patrick Stewart will be playing Garrosh Hellscream! I can't confirm it, but alot of people are talking about it!!!

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    The community whined and bitched and cried, they stamped their little feet and demanded faster expansion releases. They don't get to complain now that expansions are shorter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by warcraftmew View Post
    i dnt care who is in it aslong as justin bieber isnt in it
    Jaina Proudmore?

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    I don't know if this has been brought up but ....

    I would love to see the plot from Warcraft III be adapted.
    Warcraft III has a great story. It has most of the major lore characters.
    I would love to see it done in a Crash like style movie. We get 3 or 4 different stories
    and then we see how they all come together to save Azeroth in the end.

    As for Johnny Depp, I could see him be Medivh but I would love to see him as a Troll.
    Although he is too big budget for the part, I would love to see him as Vol'jin.
    Also, Depp isn't just known for his comical roles. "The Lone Ranger (2013)" previews
    show that he can play pretty much any type of character he wants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noomz View Post
    No, no Depp please. When did he last play a serious role with a serious character? Always the crazy, quirky, witty characters. And if that's what the Warcraft movie is gonna have then it feels like it won't be a good movie.
    Whenever i see a post like this i feel like i gotta question how much the poster knows about the history of Warcraft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kryos View Post
    I don't know - he could play Varian
    omg...what has been seen, cannot be unseen..haha.

    I would like the movie to be revolved around past characters, in between WCIII and WoW sounds good too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingriku View Post
    Well to be fair you don't know that, they obviously wouldn't call it WORLD OF WARCRAFT MOVIE LULZ. Warcraft sounds way better as a title and it can take place any time, it might be a future story line or an alternative. The point is we don't know and we wont know until the script or actors list with rolls is confirmed.
    Except EVERYONE KNOW that. They stated in the past they don't want to start in the middle or end. They want to start from the start.

    What is a secret for everyone is the focus of the plot, not the time frame. We don't know if it will feature a major character or a simple soldier, or even a common folk as protagonist, neither in which faction it's centered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kryos View Post
    I don't know - he could play Varian
    Lol he really could! Doesen't look bad tbh

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lovecrafts View Post
    I can play this game too!

    Guys I heard that Patrick Stewart will be playing Garrosh Hellscream! I can't confirm it, but alot of people are talking about it!!!

    Wouldn't Bruce Willis be more fitting of this bald joke?

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    Didn't feel like reading the whole thread to see if this was suggested, but Johnny Depp, should he be cast for this movie, should play Budd and no one else. That is all.

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    Peter Dinklage for Gelbin Mekkatorque

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destil View Post
    Can he act?

    I mean, that's kind of the sole factor.
    I'm willing to bet money that he will at least appear in a small cameo. Probably like PJ in all the LotR movies i.e: very small insignificant characters that are flashed by quickly, only to have been there pretty much. He is the godfather of the Warcraft lore so why not give him the nod?

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    Funny if he played a south seas pirate or something.

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    Oh god that would be hilarious.

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    Not sure about this, could it work.. But I'm up for it IF Burton and Elfman are within also!
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    Easier then most people think, the hard part is not coming back a few weeks later.

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    "You, Varian, will always remember this as the day that you ALMOST caught Warchief Thrall!"

    But on a serious note, this movie reeks of bad. I'm disappointed they are taking the cliche human viewpoint instead of doing something more unique like "from any other race's" viewpoint. 8-9 years after the fact and nothing new on that end...

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    Hmm a World of Warcraft movie to breathe new life into a geriatric MMO.

    But still... if it's Johnny Depp I may have to watch it just for that reason alone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeror View Post
    Peter Dinklage for Gelbin Mekkatorque
    Nah, i would like to see Verne Troyer instead
    Quote Originally Posted by Urban Dictionary
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    johnny depp as varian, unf. what a tease though! i doubt he would ever get involved with this project, but my inner fan girl is squealing nonetheless.

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    He should play Interrogator Vishas.

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