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    Week 4-5 of Herioc Will

    Here's our raid comp
    2x Mages



    Here are our logs

    It seems there isn't enough DPS on the set of rages right before the courage comes out as that's where we always end up falling behind and wiping. We tried bringing out one of the mages for his blood dk but the one fair attempt we simply did not have the dps requirement.

    Can you point us in the right direction? It just seems pointless to keep banigng our heads. Is it dps, is it not getting something some obvious?
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    Sounds like a DPS issue. Shouldn't be any problems with killing the rages quickly. Maybe try both mages deep freezing and killing one rage each. Priest can double dot and shaman can make sure they die at the same time. I assume your rogue is on strengths.

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    You could try cc'ing one of the rages when the courage is up and burning the rage down after courage is dealt with.

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    I honestly believe it's a dps issue. If we do two tanks, if we let on pull off to slow the courage, the set of rages come and most times we got four up. Nevermind that most times the courage hits the tank.

    If we bring in a third tank, the courage still makes it to that tank still.

    With two tanks, should the set of rages before courage be dead before all switch to courage? It's a really small window on that first set, like 4-5 seconds. Also when should the courage die, halfway to tank?

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    We put the ret pally on the strengths.

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    A lot of guilds (including ours) CC the second wave of rages in each cycle (that spawns just before the courage) and then kill them with the third wave of rages.

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    The guild I just joined beat it during their 2nd night of working on it:

    What we did was:

    Me (a mage) and a rogue would solely focus on rages, I would either CC the one of the right, or the one that drops last if they are in the same segment. We would burn the one down, then burn the other down. The DK was solely on the strengths, and the other 3 DPS would kill in the following order courage > rage > strength. We saved hero for the 3rd burn phase and just CC all the adds after this and burn it down to death!

    The rogue was responsible for soaking 90% of the sparks, with the rest of the raid using their CDs to soak one if the rogue couldn't. A hard fight to get used to, but once you have the control down, it's fairly easy.

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    Use a third tank a feral druid works great. We just have a feral druid as tank spec soak ALL the rages orbs. Can't soak 2 at a time you soak one get healed and soak another. This way no one has to worry about rage sparks and you have way more time to dps other stuff. Worked for us.
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