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    Exclamation 7/16H HUNTER 499 iLevel - looking for a SOLID guild.

    Available from 7-11pm CST (8-12 EST) Mon-Thu, maybe Sunday.

    90 Hunter - 499 iLevel 7/16h down, 16/16n (8/16h experience)

    Vanilla - All content clear before nerfs and new tiers. Four Horsemen down during naxx40.

    BC - Gruul post limited invulnerability pot nerf but before any other nerfs.
    Karazan pre-nerfs. Hyjal/BT/etc. pre nerfs, world rank (as low as 6th).

    WotLK - All tiers clear live, minus some when I quit for a while. 3 drake sarth 10 man for meta (plagued proto), all rest of content pre-nerfs.

    Cata - Cleared all content for server firsts (Al'Akir 10 and 25 heroic as current content, same for Nef in BWD, and Sinestra in BoT).

    MoP - Long bad story. Tried to play with friends on weekends, resulting in raiding 2-4 hours a week for [email protected]#$ty progression. Moved to weekdays as 10s and had scheduling problems and missing a single person could kill the raid for the night. Tried 25s, on a low pop and bad server, went back to 10s. Now missing people again and I'm done.

    I know my class like the back of my hand, play whatever spec is needed for a fight and the best DPS. I do my own homework and do not sacrifice mechanics to tunnel DPS. Not having to lead a guild and raid, plus recruit and deal with everything will be nice. More dps.


    PS. I prefer a mature atmosphere with *actual* progression experience. I show up on time and prepared, almost never miss a day and adhere to all the other things a *real* progression player should. I just want to raid and deal with me and doing my best and not need to babysit people.

    Logs are under US-Blackhand <Transcended> - http://worldoflogs.com/guilds/91186/

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    Heya man, Faded Chaos could use a hunter for our core 25 man team. We're 9/16h, raid Tues/Wed/Thurs 8-11:30pm pacific time.

    I added your battletag, but feel free to drop me a whisper at Mihealsick#1667 or by e-mail at fantopwarmatel at gmail dot com.

    Hope to hear from you soon

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    We have slowly been shopping for a Hunter to finish out this tier and beyond. I understand your frustration and i think many people including a lot of our raiders have similar stories. Our goal is to clear content before the next patch and we feel we have a good shot at accomplishing that goal. We feel that your history and qualifications makes you someone we would like to talk to if your so inclined

    Who are we?
    <Exile> is a raiding guild that aims for top-flight progression while raiding a minimal schedule. We believe that while raiding demands commitment and responsibility, it is equally important to participate and be a member of the guild.

    Most of our raiders are working professionals or college students with the majority of our raiders coming from 20-30 hour per week guilds who pushed hardcore progression grinds. They came to us because they were looking for something with a lighter schedule but with the same skill level and an active community outside of Raiding.

    What is our progression and when do we Raid?
    Exile - Alliance - US Blade’s Edge (PvE)

    10/16 H Tier 14 - (Top 100 US 25m Kills on Blade Lord, Imperial Vizier, & Spirit Kings) sub 30% on Lei Shi

    US Raid Times - 12 Hours - 3 Nights – Tues/Wed/Thurs

    8-12 EST Tuesday
    8-12 EST Wednesday
    8-12 EST Thursday

    Be able to show up 10-15 minutes prior to the raid. 95% or higher attendance is a MUST.

    IMPORTANT: We take time off for holidays. For example this year we took 3 weeks off of progression raiding for Christmas break.

    Stuff we do outside of raiding:
    Rated BG’s
    Scavenger Hunts
    Transmog Runs,
    Achievement Runs
    Challenge Runs

    Final Words:

    You can find more information as well as file an application on our site at

    If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to talk to you and answer them. Message me on Blade’s Edge-US or alternatively contact me via RealID/Email (listed below) or one of my officers in game

    Thank you for your time,
    Battletag/Realid: [email protected]

    Recruitment Officers: Doomsquirrel, Rhed

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    Added you on real ID.

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