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    looking for some addons (rogue) and what those addons are?

    i back to game for a biiigggee break and im thinking about optimize my UI

    i have some addons already, and some i,m testing now.

    Im interested with those in red box


    i want to have clean UI, without combat i want to have possible minimum, and in combat something like that.

    Im also looking for good addon for action bars ( i will need 3, there will be 4th small one with CD macros)

    (i cant send images, links so link is in that form)

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    wowinterface.com has it as BlkUI

    Unitframes are stuf unitframes and I want to say combo points are done through weak auras. The larger buff bars are raven (I think) and the ones under that are done through quartz.
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    You won't be able to recreate the angled health/power bars without making your own custom statusbar textures.

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    i just like idea of things around middle screen, i dislike map recount and bars.

    i menage to bars with bartender and i m looking for some addon to little change it look, i like it close a bit and framed

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    Disable the Quartz aura timer's. The Combo Points, Timer Bars, Anticipation Points, etc I did with Weakauras.

    You can disable the map/recount if you so desire, and turn of the applicable Kgpanels associated with them.

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