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    Other Opinions

    I'm quite happy with my resto druid thus far and my guilds progression is satisfactory (1/6 HM, 16/16 N). I am just curious to see what other resto's are doing, to make some additional decisions.

    Healing is not an issue for me, nor is mana. I currently have a large amount of spirit (9000+, which works out to about 11k combat regen - likely overkill). I rarely have any mana issues. I am sitting around 5k in haste, not quite at the next break point.

    So what I'm wondering is what are the rest of you guys doing? Think I should maybe go for 6652 haste cap, or go for more mastery?
    Are there any mastery caps or is more of a feel-thing?

    What have you guys found that is a good amount of spirit/a good amount of mastery?

    I just like to see other opinions from those further progressed than I. Anything that may help me to improve myself even more. Look forward to seeing what people have to say. Thanks.
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