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    Gaming Laptop advice

    Any advice on a gaming laptop. Looking for price range to top out around $1200.00

    I've never own a dedicated gaming system and would like to get a nice "gaming" laptop using my tax return this year.


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    Do you have a legit reason to have a gaming laptop over a desktop?

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    MSI is a pretty good brand and this one should do what you need it to do. You can get the same version but with a 15 inch screen for 50 dollars less.
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    Unless you absolutely need the portability of a laptop don't get it. At $1200 you can build a high end desktop that runs all games on ultra settings at 60fps.

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    My job currently (and for the foreseeable future) will require a fair amount of travel now. I'd like to game during my travels. I have a decent enough system at home I use but I don't have a laptop at this time.

    I'd like the laptop to travel with and then when home hook up my keyboard, monitor and mouse.

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