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    Question 25H - Next boss?

    Hi there,

    this reset, we finally downed spirit kings (with a bit of luck), and are not decided yet which boss should we attempt next. We did some (~8) attempts on Will of the Emperor, but the best pull was at 97% of boss' HP We don't have any super-ultra damage, just average, and neither full raid of non-failers (mel'jarak kill took us about 15 attempts, almost all of them were because of exploding bomb). So which boss should we go and try to kill next? Our current status:

    Stone guard: DOWN
    Feng: DOWN
    Gara'jal: DOWN
    Spirit Kings: DOWN
    Elegon: DOWN
    Will of the Emperor: UP
    Zor'lok: UP
    Ta'yak: DOWN
    Garalon: UP
    Mel'jarak: DOWN
    Un'sok: UP
    Shek'zeer: UP¨
    Protectors: UP
    Tsulong: UP
    Lei Shi: UP
    Sha of Fear: UP

    I've heard that Will is the easiest now, but it just doesn't seem so to our raid. Yes, it might need more attempts, 8 is really low amount for HC boss, but is there any easier?


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    I would say Garalon hc next.. It's pretty easy if you can rotate kiting and have enough melees on legs. After Garalon go kill Will or Amber or Lei Shi or Zor'lok

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    We were in your situation not long ago.

    Garalon is definitely easier than Will but tougher DPS and healing requirements. Lei Shi will be a lot more healing and DPS intensive but much easier mechanically too. We killed Garalon, then Will, then Lei Shi. I'd avoid doing Zor'lok (tough fight) or Protectors (very high DPS requirement). Amber-Shaper is probably doable but harder than any of Garalon/Lei Shi/Will.

    If you're hearing Will is easiest now you're probably hearing 10-man advice. Having done both Will is just way more annoying to control on 25. It's one of the few badly balanced fights between 10/25.

    We found Will much easier when we could get two frost death knights for gorefiend's grasp and two moonkins for mass entanglement and aoe the rage 8 at a time. Makes the fight die a lot faster and less waves of more sparks has less chance of things going horribly wrong. Two of our DPS went tank and soaked 100% of strength sparks. Two rogues soaked 100% of courage sparks. We 5-healed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3q4G522gOyQ Here you can watch our bad guild kill Will. If we can do it you can do it!
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    Thanks for advices...

    Our setup when we first attempted will was something like this:

    T: Prot paladin, Feral druid (can't do much about this here, we don't have much more tanks)
    H: Rshaman (offspec, his MS is enha), 2x DPriest (one is really epic one, like 110k+ hps on every fight), 2x hpally. We were missing our rdruids, because they were on vacation...
    D: 2x rogue - solo'ing courages, really not a problem, we even had to slow dps not to kill them in raid
    2x retri - on boss 100% time
    2x warr - in prot spec "tanking" strengths, but they had problems with soaking them - shieldwall + barrier for one, but next they die
    1x frost DK - aoeing and mass gripping rages, but he really often got killed by them (melee hit)
    and rest rangeds... like 2x ele shaman, 2x warlock, 3x mage, 3x hunter, 2x priests.... don't really remember all of them, but it was something like this.

    Our ele shaman made a picture with CC patterns (possible add spawn locations), and 4 CC'ers remembered this and poly/hexed/trapped them. This was not a problem. They were CC'ing only every odd wave; every even wave was to be killed by heavy aoe.

    That was our plan, and we will get there, I think, maybe on Thursday, so I will update here....

    More advice is welcome though

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    Garalon. We actually killed him before Blade/Wind Lord, and Spirit Kings. Not sure why, but hey, got him down in 2-3 days work.

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    Garalon is way easy bro

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    I'd focus on Will of Emperor. Btw, your ele shaman is awesome.
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    Faeglendir: Yea, I know that..... and he has also similiar nick to you, I think he is Faeglendir too :P :P And what a coincidence, he is from the same realm as you !

    Back to topic, is garalon really that easy? O.o as I said, few members of our raid has tank-ish damage (like shadow priests or bad mages) and we can't just replace them, our first kill of blade lord was 10 seconds into enrage (guardian tank ftw)

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    Garalon is really the same fight as normal, except crushes are timed differently and there's no crushes or kiting after 33%. So the heroic changes actually make the fight mechanically easier. The DPS and healing requirements are definitely higher than Blade Lord or Will of the Emperor though. If your raid can do somewhat complicated mechanics Will of the Emperor would be easier but if your healers and sheer DPS are high Garalon is easier.

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    This is our average dps from garalon 25N (the DK tank is 99% of time that ele shaman which I spoke about few posts ago):
    so as you can see, it's nothing really awesome...

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    As most people already said either go for Will or Garalon. Lei Shi is not that much harder than those 2, but harder nonetheless. A few words on both of them:

    About Will, some tips based on your comp. First of all, we are 6 healing it. It's doable with 5, but there is less room for error and they might go oom at some point. Also, the entire fight is about keeping the adds and their sparks under control. Don't worry too much about dmg on the bosses, at some point adds stop spawning for a while and u get time on the boss for everyone (every 6 waves of rages iirc).

    So what you can do is, keep just your rogues on the bosses, just make them jump to courages when they spawn then back to bosses. Have your retri palas go prot instead for the strengths (brewmasters are also good for this) and tell your warriors to go dps, they are just beast for the rages. I'm not sure palas will have enough cds, they probably do, but if they don't, your rogues can always help, with feint+elusiveness and double cloak they can pretty much soak everything on this fight.

    For the rages, try get 1 more DK and then you dont even have to cc any wave, just kill each wave as soon as it spawns. You just need to try kill them more or less at the same time. It's easier to do that with 4 than 8 anyway. If you manage that, 2 hunters with reduced deterrence cd can take turns soaking each wave. Just find the right amount of people to handle them dps-wise. We usually have 2 DKs, 2 warrs, 1 combat rogue and sometimes 1 more guy helping them out. Mass grip -> Shockwave each wave and it's gg. If any spark goes loose and hunter can't soak, rogue usually takes it but DK with cds should also be doable. Plan it out so that wave dies, sparks get soaked, next wave spawns. That way your melee don't have to run around waiting etc.

    Then use the rest of your dps, which should be only ranged on the strengths. Help with rages when it's needed (traps, mushrooms, etc) and multi-dots on bosses. But same principle here, make sure that strengths die, sparks get soaked by palas, new strengths spawn.

    With this tactic we usually kill it during the 3rd cycle (cycle as in 6 waves of rages->bosses).

    Garalon, is not that tight dps-wise, we had more issues with the healing. So, first find a way to handle stacks and kiting that works for your healers. Phase 2 is a joke, there are no crashes, and since the boss stands still, even melees can kite (if you ran out of ranged/healers) while still nuking him. What we do there is, we use 7 healers and switching at 10 stacks. Now that's almost as easy as it can get, we do it that way because we have a melee-heavy group, meaning melee running around -> less group effective healing. We also lack healers usually so we sometimes use offspecs/alts. And this way we use almost 20 people for kiting (not that efficient for dps). So just find an amount of healers/stack you can handle and start from there. If you make it to enrage with <10% left, keep going and you'll get it.

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    If you have 3-4 people that can CC a target quickly, and 3 people you trust to do Scary Fog stacks, they can pretty much carry the raid on Lei Shi.

    Will is VERY easy numbers wise, but you need to have a bunch of people all do their job, which can sometimes be a problem in lesser-progressed raids.

    Garalon requires people to handle Pheremones and almost nothing else - it's really a cakewalk. The hardest part of this fight is convincing your melee that running to the other side of the boss to dps a leg during crush is a bad idea. If you have your raid stack, don't ever kill the front-outside leg, and have 8? or so people that can transfer pheremones it just falls over.

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    You'll need around 17 people to do pheremones on Garalon assuming switching around 12 stacks (more is going to hurt a lot).

    We recently did Amber-Shaper Un'sok heroic 25 using the no DPS on the boss until 8 reshapes and 60+ stacks of amber strike + permanent construct in phase 2 and found it much easier than Will or Lei Shi, maybe even easier than Garalon. Lei Shi tank healing is the part that we found rough about that fight. Scary fog and CC can all go down perfectly but tanks were still dying to how hard spray hits sub 40%.

    I assume the guy above is talking about 10's. You'll need 5 people to CC assuming you only want one up on Lei Shi 25. We didn't find kiting them to work very well, people pulled aggro and died.
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    Garalon for sure, Lei Shi after imo or Will.

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