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    Catching up with content?


    I've recently had to cut down my WoW time due to taking a trainee position in Accountancy. I was behind in content and still am (Yet to clear MSV on my main, Did 4/6 as current on my alt).

    I am a Moonkin (Previously Guardian)and have 454 iLvl and used to hard core raid 5 nights a week from early Wrath-Cataclysm(Firelands) and have recently made a return. I pugged Dragon Soul as i missed it.

    I can commit 1-2 hours a day to WoW and 3-5 on weekends.

    I have changed 1 profession which is currently at 50/600 and JC at 525/600.

    I will be doing LFR each week and Dailies IF i can, but for arguments sake, lets exclude them.

    What would be the best possible way to catch up with content to join a raiding guild 2-3 nights a week to get back to raiding current content?

    Addition: I chose Moonkin because it is my preferred spec and hoped that the change to casual would be made easier as DPS (Dailies whilst DPS queues)

    Any feed back would be appreciated as im keen to start end game raiding again.



    Edit: Naturally i could push an hour or two more on a raid day if it ment i could balance WoW and work with life etc..
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    If you have a good reputation as a raider on your server from your prior experience then perhaps you can leverage that, I suppose I would start by looking up people you used to raid with who are currently raiding. It seems like your available times are a bit limited, so maybe you could try either a weekend raiding guild or a more established guild that does alt runs on the weekends. Most raids last more than 1-2 hours, so I don't see how you logistically expect to raid 2-3 nights a week while only being able to log on for 2 hours each night, even if you are the most amazing raider in the world it would be a tall order to just join a guild with the expectation that perfect attendance for you will be 50% or less.
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    Frankly you won't be able to find a guild that raids if you can only play 1-2 hours on a weekday. I would expect the minimum you would have to put in would be 3 hours / day plus almost no guilds raid friday/saturday where you have more time. That being said you can try get into good pugs on friday/saturday night. I don't know about your server/population but on my server there's usually people looking for players for pugs friday/saturday nights. Your ilvl is very low though, since you didn't include armory I can't see exactly where its lacking but a start would be to get full Dungeon HC gear and upgrade it using JP that will grant you some increase in Ilvl. Also make sure to do Sha every week and use a coin possibly since it has a chance to grant 496 gloves/legs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Acharya View Post

    I can commit 1-2 hours a day to WoW and 3-5 on weekends.

    Getting into a guild that raid alittle, but still decent is what you need. For example weekend raiding guilds is a good choice. If your a good player, you can easily join one of those, and they will gear you up (You prob have to put effort into LFR/Dailys aswell).

    I know 2 guilds that would suit your needs.

    Raiding 8 hours a week, Friday + Saturday 15-19. Akward schedule, but they are insanely good.


    Another one is a weekend guild, as

    Gl hunting!

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