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    Will Of The Emp hc, need 5/6 hc save?


    I just have a quick question, to set will of the emp heroic do you need to have 5/6 hc save that week, or is it enough that the guild has actually killed 5/6 hc in the past?

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    I was told by a guildmate that you'd need only 4/6 heroic killed that week (Don't need spirit kings according to him) in order to attempt heroic Will. Not sure how true this is, just the information I have at hand.

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    You need 5/6H
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    you need to kill all 5 first boss in the ID in heroic to pull heroic Will (skipping spirit king mean you can't pull Will).
    Same with Shek'zeer and Sha of Fear, can't pull them in hm any timer where you did not kill all previous ones in hc.

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    You need a 5/6H lockout to do it.

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