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    The *current* best MMORPG PvP on the market?

    I have my own opinions, but I'm curious what all of you think.

    Which MMORPG that is hot on the market right now do you think has the best PvP, both in terms of its balance, features, and stability. Factor everything in to your answer.

    I think WoW's large player base has it showing near the top as a false positive simply because since there are so many players, passively the participation in PvP is high because anyone can try it. It's popularity and views on Twitch are by far the highest, and WoW arena has probably received more attention as an event at any number of official "professional" gaming events than any other MMORPGs structured PvP running currently.

    I think GW2 does a stellar job of making PvP accessible to anybody who simply wants to play the game for MMORPG-based combat/PvP. Without needing to level a toon or gear up to cap to participate in PvP is quite a shortcut to the "good stuff". Also no sub fee, I suppose that factors in, you can play quite casually, even take a break and come back months later and still be right where you were skill-wise, except maybe a bit rusty. GW2 suffers in the competitive category as people have no real way of comparing themselves to the world, nor is there rating at all to define the best of the best. They are adding features like this I believe in the coming months (or so has been said) so we will see.

    I think TERA deserves mention because of the combat mechanics. Gearing and getting to level cap are issues in and of themselves (I find the leveling to be easy, just a bit boring, but I find leveling in all MMORPGs boring so it's a wash). The gearing is frustrating with the way enchanting works, it encourages large amounts of gold farming which is never fun no matter how you want to swing it. Overall, equally geared players in consideration, the combat serves to make fights quite exhilirating, as it's not typical MMO combat. The issue with both TERA and WoW is regearing all the time when new content releases (which isn't THAT big of a deal, and it's less of a deal with TERA as they have only released one new tier within the last year).

    Those are my top 3 MMORPG PvP games, and some short condensed opinions of mine. What do you guys think?
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    Age of Wushu for me currently. They've managed to stick PvP into a thousand different forms there, not to mention a buttload of other cool and non-generic features.

    Worth a try once it's out, trust me.
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    Anyway, if you don't already see where I'm going with this, allow me to spell it out: the only meaningful MMORPG "endgame" -- i.e., something novel to do after the progression process is over -- is that of the sandbox.

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