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    Quote Originally Posted by Eazy View Post
    I shave myself once a week. So I have a "little" beard(it really grows up fast for me).

    I didn't shave one time for 3 weeks and then I had a problem with my razor, my beard was too big.
    I have this problem as well sometimes. When I shave, it's usually around week 4 or 6. I typically have to use hair clippers first.

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    I have done a Mustache, Goatee, and full beard. I grew a Goatee back in 2008-9 but my grandfather was all about having a clean shave all the time. He got Cancer and the whole 8 months he was in the Hospital fighting it he shaved every day. So when he passed I shaved out of respect. We do Mustache month's around the shop and see who can get the craziest stache, and I grew a beard for November.

    I hate facial hair tho as mine grows fairly slow, and kinda white trashy so It takes a minimum of a month for something to resemble anything. I usually only have to shave 1 time a week . I also hate when it starts getting longer and itches like a Mofo. I have always wanted to go to a barber and get a straight Razor shave, but it is like $25.00 minimum.

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    I waffle between a close-trimmed full beard or a van dyke as whims take me; it only takes a couple weeks of not shaving to grow the beard out if I want it. I've been waffling between those two for pretty much 15 years now.

    Every time I shave it all off, I freak everyone in my family out and they demand I grow it back.

    I don't use a safety razor, I use a shavette;

    Because safety is for boys, and because I'm too cheap/impatient/lazy to buy a decent straight razor and take the time to hone it properly.

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    All the time when im too lazy to shave.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Endus View Post
    Because safety is for boys, and because I'm too cheap/impatient/lazy to buy a decent straight razor and take the time to hone it properly.
    I often shave when half asleep or drunk.... so, no thanks. I'll stick with the Murkur safety.

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    I mostly get a beard when I am to lazy to shave and not going to do anything special. I tried once just saving the mustache to see how it looked, but it wasn't my style. I would like to try the Tony Stark one though, but it seems like to much work and I am lazy :P

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    I've had a full, but professionally trimmed beard for about 5 years now. I can't imagine myself with out one.
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    idk the english name for it, so im gonna call my beard the "Heisenberg". You all know what I mean.
    I like juice

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    I look good with a beard and love the opportunity to grow one. The bushier the better!

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    I never fully shave, goes from short stubble to medium beard depending on how lazy I am.
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    Currently have a full beard and mustache, but have always had some form of facial hair since I was about 17.

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    I can't stand shaving, I LOATHE IT. I've had everything from a goatee to a beard (even in highschool, guys were so jealous that I could do it and they couldn't LOL!!!) for the past year or so I would only do a clean shave about once or twice a week and let grow out during the week. About 5 months ago I picked up a good trimmer and I just have stubble on my face all the time. I only need to do a trim about once a week to keep it the way I like it, no shaving cream! no razors! I love it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anathea View Post
    All the time when im too lazy to shave.
    This is me as well. Sometimes I also maintain the goatee portion for a few months and shave the rest, including the mustache. And when I do shave, I only use the electric so it leaves a little bit of a stubble. I will never go baby faced again unless for some reason I absolutely have to.

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    I was always hair as a kid, I think i started getting chest hair when I was 15 (Damn french gentics!) However when I do a clean shave, no matter what I do it with and no matter what I use afterwards my face becomes icty, lots of little red marks and even some pussy ones. It's just hell on earth so I keep a full beard trimmed short about once every week or two.

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    I can't grow a proper beard yet but when I will be able to I'll definitely sport it, it's already annoying for me to shave when I have only this little facial hair yet, and it's uncomfortable when it's growing back (itching, ingrown hairs,...). And it looks cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reqq View Post

    I look good with a beard and love the opportunity to grow one. The bushier the better!
    Most of the time people who think they look good with a real beard dont.

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    Ive had a goatee for a number of years now. Does that count? Never have I gone full beard as it's not my style... I also tried the mustache thing once... It wasn't too my liking.

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    I've tried, but I really can't pull the look off.

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    Couldn't even if I wanted to... I always hoped the ability to grow beard comes with age but at this point (23 this year) I've lost all hope.

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    Had a kinda short beard once, few cm if you stretch them. But right now I have goatee, mostly because I have freaking long hair atm + ponytail since the hair is in the way otherwise and the goatee helps people not mistaking me for a girl >.<

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