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    I tried growing a beard but it itched too much... damn good beard I can grown though :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orby View Post
    I tried growing a beard but it itched too much... damn good beard I can grown though :P
    Just suck up the annoyance and you will be rewarded with awesome. Honestly, for me, the beard is worth the annoying itching.

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    Yes, full beard. I hate shaving and a beard makes me look better anyway ;P
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    i shave once a week or so when I'm home, when i'm out at sea for work i don't shave until i get back home so yeah i sport a beard most of the time but a doughnut when im home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitey View Post
    It's all up to the what sort of hair you shave, the coarser your beard, the sharper blade it takes to cut it down, and the faster it deteriorates the blade.
    This is most of the reason I've had a beard most of my adult life.

    I got blasted a few times for not having shaved that day, by my sergeant, when I was in basic training, until my corporal would point out that I'd passed inspection that morning, so clearly had. It's stupid thick and grows like a weed; I get 5 o'clock shadow by lunchtime.

    I used to use disposables, but it's expensive as heck; I usually used a Mach 3, and a blade would last me a half a week, maybe a week, depending on how dull I'd let it get. Even then, it would take a few passes with the razor to get it down, and my stubble would clog it the heck up constantly.

    It's bad enough that, if I let it grow for a couple days, it's going to be faster for me to use the shavette, even factoring in the lathering and steaming time, than it's going to be to use a disposable to scrape it off. These days, I just use disposables for a quick cleanup in the shower, any serious shaving, I go with the shavette. Which is also stupid cheap to use; the blades cost me peanuts for a pack of 50, and that pack of 50 will last me a year, rather than dropping $15 on a 5-pack of Mach 3 razors, that might last me a month.

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    Never really been good at growing facial hair.

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    I am currently wearing a lovely handlebar stache. I do hate the maintenance, but ladies love it

    In the past, I have gone with a full beard, goatee or clean shaven also.

    I am contemplating shaving my head completely and keeping the stache... I will have to see what kind of opinion I get from a certain lady friend.
    Quote Originally Posted by Cyanotical View Post
    anyone want doughnuts? i hear there is a great shop in Vancouver

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    A glorious sight to behold!

    Long beard and even longer hair :

    Funny Bunny

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitey View Post
    Damn right I do.
    I've gone through pretty much every variation, but full beard is still my favourite. Oh and I don't consider that five o' clock shadow that's apparently "hip" to be a beard, it's a stubble.
    Damn straight! They're just imitators. If people aren't intimidated by your facial hair, it's not a beard.

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    Usually have a beard but screwed up the trimming so back down to stubble again and man do i hate it. Look about 6 years younger (as in 18 instead of my 24) Going to take me about 3 weeks to get back to normal. And have to go through the scratch phase again grrrr....

    Tried a tight goatee however it didnt go with my hairstyle so going to try it again after I get my head shaved for charity and see how it looks

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    my friends wont let me grow a mustache ever again.. the term "pedo-stache" has been thrown around on more than one occasion

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