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    Moving from 5.1 to 5.2

    I got a bit lost in how will the gear in 5.2 look, what iLVLs.

    So, my question. I earn Conquest Points now. Is it better to:
    - Upgrade my Male gear since upgraded it will be better than 5.2 honor gear
    - Buy more Male gear since even not upgraded it will be better than 5.2 honor gear.

    What's the proper answer ?

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    The honor gear in 5.2 will have the same PvP power/resil values as current Malevolent gear, however they will have less stamina (as stated by Bashiok here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7708412227#16). Your best bet imo is to upgrade what you have, mainly weapon/on use trinket and the 5 pieces of your mainset first. It's really based on how much you're playing in the next month. If your CP cap is (for example) ~3k you may be safe to buy the rest of your Malevolent gear while still having time to upgrade the important pieces.

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    My cap is pretty low as I'm done playing ret seriously this season, but next season is looking better.
    So the upgrade first it is .

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    As someone who bought MoP late I'm doing the same thing Kalysun mentioned. Buy and upgrade the weapon and 5 main set parts if I can. Then if I still have time left before the season finishes I'll just buy the next biggest piece and upgrade it in turn. In season 13 I'll buy the honor parts to rid myself of any remaining blue gear and benefit from the higher resilience/pvp power and reverse the priority for conquest spend so my main set will be the last parts I purchase.

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