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    Docsdebugrunes here. It works well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frozendekay View Post
    Why bother? Using a rune addon is simpler and more accurate.

    I personally use MagicRunes with NeedToKnow for diseases and power auras for BT stacks.
    I don't get you, sorry. I DO use a rune addon "docsdebugrunes". I use TellMeWhen for managing longer CD's especially due to the conditionals.

    Take Soul Reaper for example. You can make an icon to only show when your target (or focus) is at or below 37%. Or you can make an icon for when Pillar of Frost is ready, however you can make it so that the icon is MUCH bigger if PoF is off CD, while you have Bloodlust on you.

    I used it to great effect for interrupting very dangerous boss abilities, making a big square appear in my centre of vision when cast, so that I don't miss my interrupt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iamthedevil View Post
    Docs Debug Runes.

    Simple and perfect.
    Agreed, love this addon
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    Oh, PVP twinks. I thought this was about Anduin.
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    I am so triggered right now.

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    Magic Runes!

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    Another vote for Doc's here.
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    I like CLC DK personally. It's a very small addon memory wise but tracks runes and diseases clearly. You can also set it up to track pretty much anything from blood tap charges, offensive and defensive cooldowns and durations, even trinkets and bloodshields.

    I also like it because it is equally good for all 3 specs. Every other DK addon I've used seems to have been designed around one spec but can be used for the others, but CLC DK works great for all of them and will remember your settings for both specs.

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    DDR all the way, been using it since release and while it's not the prettiest out there it gets the job done and like many others here, I cba to change something that is working fine

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    Acherus. I started using it after seeing someone streaming with it and I never looked back.

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    I use nibRunes. It doesn't have a gui or even commands to control it in game, you have to do simple editing of the config file. But it's clean, light weight, and looks the way I want. Highly recommended.

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    I've always used DKi Runes. I just don't feel like a DK using bars rather than actual runes.

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    I genuinely can't remember the name of the one i use, I think it's called DKiRunes

    I displays a nice DK sword either vertically or horizontally with your runes on it.

    You can set the blades of the sword to display as health and runic power bars
    You can set the hit to show either runic power as a number
    You can set it to show ur runes reloading in a tetris style
    You can set it to show you diseases below with a descending cast bar

    I love it

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    I have tried so many addons for rune displays, but in the end I always end up using acherus. Perfect display for RP, and the runes just work for me.

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    I'm using DKM. It's a bit outdated but does a splendid job.

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    Just Engraved.

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    DKM is a very superior add-on.
    TMW for charges.
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    Rune-It-All, used it since cata and it works fine, very lightweight.

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    [QUOTE=Machomaije;20060614]This is the setup/UI I use on my DK. Very easy to keep track of runes/runic power, easy to see when things procs so I know when to re-apply DoT's. And everything is close to my playerframe.

    Hi mate i was wondering if you would mind telling me the trackers you use for runic power and runes and the buff addon ? would be appreciated!

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    I use the ElvUI standard method of displaying runes. I'm colorblind and ElvUI lets me color them individually. So Death runes are white, Frost runes blue, Unholy green etc so I can distinguish them better.

    Doesn't really matter what you use, as long as it's near your feet i'd say, so you'll see your runes and also see if you're standing in the fire ^^ .

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